My Height Is 5’11.5″, But Should I Put 6’0″ Or 6’1″ On My Dating Profile So That Women Don’t Think I Am Just Another 5’10” Guy Rounding Up My Height?

My Height Is 5'11.5", But Should I Put 6'0" Or 6'1" On My Dating Profile So That Women Don't Think I Am Just Another 5'10" Guy Rounding Up My Height?

Be honest about what your true height is.

If you are worried that using your true height keeps you from showing up on most searches that women conduct on dating sites or as a potential match in her daily allotment of matches, you are misinformed.

Most women are happy with men who are taller than them.

That’s it.

The average height of a woman is 5’4″.

At 5’11.5″, you are taller than most women.

You fit the bill and are more than adequate.

Rounding up your height to 6’0″ or 6’1″ is not necessary.

Even the worry that women would think of you as just another 5’10” guy who is rounding up your height is ill-conceived.

Where exactly are you getting this information from?

Was it from a platonic girlfriend of yours who is 5’8″ and likes dating guys who are 6’0″ or taller?

That is her preference.

She probably likes wearing heels and worries that she would dwarf a guy who isn’t at least 6’0″ tall when she wears them on a night out.

Most women aren’t anywhere near this height and at an average of 5’4″, most wouldn’t dwarf the average man who stands at 5’9″, if they were to be in heels.


The average man stands at 5’9″?!

Do you realize that at 5’11.5″, you are taller than the average man?

That’s something isn’t it.

You don’t think that is good enough?

You are already going to be several inches taller than most men on the dating site.

Even the average man who tries to round up his height by adding an extra half an inch or an inch won’t get anywhere close to your natural height.

This means that you are already going to be a standout on the dating site anyway.

Why get greedy by adding on an extra inch or inch and a half to your natural height?

The majority of women are happy with dating a man who is taller than they are.

That man doesn’t have to be 6’0″ or higher.

Women already know that most men aren’t 6’0″ or higher.

According to statistics, the percentage of men who are 6’0″ or taller is only at 14.5 percent.

That isn’t much.

Even if a bunch of women got on a dating site and only used the parameters of 6’0″ and above as their desired height of a potential romantic mate, there are only going to be a fairly limited number of men who show up at the end of that search.

Most of them will be at the much lower end of that height range.

This means a bunch of 6’1s and 2s.

After going through the lackluster dating profiles of most of these guys, these women aren’t going to be impressed.

Many guys who are taller than average aren’t going to put in that much effort to make a dynamic dating profile.

They leave it to their above average height to attract women and not so much their personality.

This is the same phenomenon in real life.

There is a reason why some of the most interesting and charismatic people are below 6’0″ tall.

They spend a lot of time developing a dynamic personality to make up for whatever minor to major disadvantages they may have with their height.

Most women on a dating site want a well-rounded man.

Height is only going to take a man so far.

With the lack of great dating profiles within the specific height range of 6’0″ and above, what do you think most women do?

You got it.

They lower their height requirements to see what else is out there.

They go down a few inches.


There you are, listed at 5’11.5″ with your warm smile and alluring eyes.

Your dating profile is even better.

You took the time to make a dating profile that showcased your dynamic personality and backed it up with fun and exciting pictures of yourself involved in eye-catching activities.

You are the full package.

What you lacked in height by just a few inches, you have made up for in personality.

This is a better overall approach to your online dating strategy.

Adding fake inches to your height only makes it that much easier to embellish your dating profile in other areas.

Why stop at a few fake inches?

How about adding an extra zero to your yearly income or embellishing what you really do for a living to make it sound a lot more impressive than it really is.

You are trying too hard.

Although, these additional false representations attract attention, they hurt you in the long run.

Once you start talking to a woman who was only attracted to your dating profile thanks to some of your embellishments, it only gets harder and harder to keep yourself from trying to further impress her.

Before you know it, you lose track of the lies and start contradicting yourself.

She recognizes the act and dumps you soon after.

Now what?

Repeat the same cycle again with someone new?

How does that allow you to find someone who is compatible with you?

It doesn’t.

Be honest about your height, period.

Women are looking for a lot more than just a man who is 6’0″ and above on dating sites.