If A Guy Has Been Responsive On A Dating App, But Has Not Messaged You For A Few Days, Should You Assume He’s Not Interested?

If A Guy Has Been Responsive On A Dating App, But Has Not Messaged You For A Few Days, Should You Assume He's Not Interested?

You shouldn’t assume that he isn’t interested.

However, his interest level may not be that strong.

Being that he is on a dating app, there is a good chance that he is also messaging other girls as he is in the process of interacting with you.

You have competition.

He is going to prioritize the girls that he is most attracted to and that he is having the best conversations with.

In not messaging you for a few days, you may not be at the top of his priority list.

He may still get back to sending you a message, but again, you are most likely not as high on his priority list as some other girls on the dating app are.

He has been responsive to you in the past.

This means that he is attracted to you to an extent.

He knows that he still has to keep you in the loop, otherwise you may soon lose interest.

This is most likely why he will still get around to messaging you, even though it would have taken him several days to do so.

It is important to avoid putting all of your romantic hopes on this one guy.

If he was as excited about you as you currently are about him, he would be messaging you a lot more frequently.

Make sure that you are engaging with other guys on the dating app so as to keep your dating options open and to also prevent you from acting desperate toward this guy in particular.

If you remain too idle, you may get wrapped up in your own thoughts.

As a result, you may reach a point where you feel the overwhelming need to message him and you just might.

If you don’t hear back from him in good time, you may feel the need to message him again.

You may reach a point where you get so desperate that you are messaging him multiple times a day while expressing your disappointment that you haven’t heard from him.

This is the kind of mess you could lead yourself into if you don’t ensure that you are talking to other guys on the dating app and not spending all of your time thinking about this one guy.

Now, another popular reason why you may not have heard from this guy in a few days could be because he isn’t that active on the dating app.

This may actually not be his main dating app of choice.

It could be his backup dating app.

This means that he may use it infrequently through the week but spends most of his time on the main dating app that he uses to meet potential dates.

You will often be able to determine this by how often you notice that he is active on the dating app.

He will most likely have a pattern of behavior in terms of how often he logs into the dating app.

If you notice that you rarely catch him online even when you have been on the dating app frequently throughout the day, there is a good chance that this dating app isn’t his most preferred or most used.