Online Dating: Why Do Guys Show Interest, Initiate A Date And Cancel Last Minute Without Explanation?

Online Dating: Why Do Guys Show Interest, Initiate A Date And Cancel Last Minute Without Explanation?

There are some guys on online dating sites who aren’t necessarily there to find someone to date.

Unfortunately, some guys simply get on dating sites in order to garner attention.

They show interest at first because without doing so, they will not be able to get the attention of the girl that they have pinpointed as their target.

When they initiate the date, they are essentially trying to keep the girl’s interest on the dating site so that she continues talking to them.

They know that they can’t keep up the act of pretending to be interested forever because at some point in time, the girl is going to want to meet in real life.

Hence, they initiate the date thinking that this is a way to keep her encouraged to continue communicating with them.

After all, the promise of a date from a guy that has seemingly been showing interest in her would make her feel like all of this chatting online has had a purpose.

He cancels the date at the last minute without explanation because he already knew that the date wasn’t truly going to happen in the first place.

He merely initiated it because he wanted the girl to continue showing him attention.

This is most likely not the first time that he has cancelled a date that he initiated with a girl that he met on a dating site.

Indeed, he may have even become a pro at it by now.

He doesn’t provide an explanation because he knows that he doesn’t really have one that is justifiable.

In essence, he had been leading the girl on this whole time and he knows it.

Thereby, coming up with some kind of explanation just wouldn’t work in his favor because he would then be putting himself out there for scrutiny and he doesn’t want to put himself in that position.

A desire for attention and nothing more is often a reason why some guys that you meet on an online dating site will show interest, initiate a date and then cancel on you at the last minute without explanation.

However, there is also another popular reason why this tends to happen.

There are some guys who use dating sites that are either already in a romantic relationship or are even married.

They decide to join a dating site because there is something that is lacking in their current relationship.

Oftentimes, they convince themselves that they have no intention of cheating on their significant other.

They tell themselves that they are merely joining a dating site because they just want someone to talk to.

Unfortunately, there are times when an interaction with a girl that they met on a dating site escalates to a point that they weren’t anticipating.

They suddenly find themselves so interested in the girl that they initiate that date.

However, not long after initiating the date, they get cold feet.

They are terrified at the prospect of their significant other finding out about this date and they soon cancel it without explanation.

They were never truly emotionally available.

They are still emotionally attached to their partner and the reality of risking that relationship often makes them quickly decide to cancel any date that they had set up with someone that they met on a dating site.