Online Dating: How Can I Tell If He Is Really Interested?

Online Dating: How Can I Tell If He Is Really Interested?

He will communicate with you consistently.

Being really interested will inspire him to initiate contact with you on the online dating website without waiting on you to do it.

His energy will be palpable.

Initiating contact or messaging normally means that you are someone that he wants to interact with on a regular basis.

Now, the kind of messages that he sends you are very essential in helping you tell whether he is really interested in you.

If he sends you messages that ask you substantive questions about yourself, this is good.

When you notice that he asks you these kind of questions and he actually pays attention to your responses, you are on the right track with this guy.

A good way to know that he is actually paying attention to your responses on the online dating site is if he asks you follow up questions to your responses.

Also, if he were to have a new conversation with you on a different day and he brings up some of the responses that you gave him in past conversations, he was actually really paying attention to you.

In online dating, when a guy pays attention to what you tell him in this way, he is showing that he is really interested in you.

He is showing that he actually thinks about what you tell him when the both of you aren’t even communicating.

Hence, the conversations that he has with you tend to stay on his mind long after the conversation has already ended on the dating website.

Now, when a guy often relates to some of the experiences and details that you tell him about, he is also showing that he is really interested.

When he relates to what you tell him in this way, he is trying to create a connection with you by letting you know that he has had a similar experience or event.

He is actually trying to make you feel at ease in that there are certain elements to your lives that are in common.

In online dating, when a guy tries to put you at ease in this way, it shows that he actually cares about your emotions.

He doesn’t want to manipulate them or make them uneasy. He just wants you to feel as though you are having a conversation with someone that you have known your whole life.

In online dating, another way to tell if he is really interested is in how promptly he responds to your messages.

If you have noticed that he tends to promptly respond to the messages that you send him, there is a good chance that he is really interested.

Responding in this way typically means that he was excited about getting a message from you and thereby he was quick to respond.

It also means that he wants to start up another conversation with you, if not at that moment, soon.

In essence, he wants to give you a good impression of his availability to you and hopes that you will take advantage of that.

Responding promptly also means that he may be applying a lot of his attention and focus on you on the dating site.

This means that he may not be talking to many other girls or any at all at this time.

In other words, he may be focusing his entire energy on you at the moment.

If he were communicating with many other girls on the online dating site, he wouldn’t always be able to respond so promptly because he would be engaged in conversations with the other girls.

However, by responding this promptly to you, he may be showing that he is totally invested in how things go with you and thereby he is really interested in you.