Is Online Dating For Losers, And If So, Am I A Loser Because I Cannot Get A Date The “Normal Way?”

Is Online Dating For Losers, And If So, Am I A Loser Because I Cannot Get A Date The "Normal Way?"

Online dating is not for losers at all.

There are a lot of people using online dating to meet dates.

It has very much become the norm in our society.

In today’s landscape, it would be next to impossible to not know someone who is either online dating or has done it in the past.

You may be wondering if you are a loser because you consider online dating to somehow be the way most people go who either cannot find dates in the real world or who have given up on trying.

What you need to understand is that there are lots of people who would have no trouble finding dates in the real world who still choose to do online dating.

They indeed may have endless opportunities to go on dates with people that they met in the real world.

They may get a good amount of romantic attention from people that they know in life.

However, many of these people who have all these opportunities to get dates in life continue to do online dating instead.

The reason why they do this is because online dating has not just provided an avenue by which they can meet romantic prospects.

Online dating has given them the ability to control who they choose to meet and when they choose to meet said person.

There can sometimes be a rush in real life when it comes to dating.

A person may feel that they need to just date someone who tickles their fancy because they worry that if they didn’t, they may lose that person to someone else.

Even if this person is used to getting romantic attention, it doesn’t mean that the majority of people that like this person are people that this person actually wants or is interested in.

Hence, even when you have a person who has no problem getting dates in the real world, this person may still not like the kind of pressure that dictates they must be with someone before someone else snatches them up.

They may prefer to take their time to get to know someone first.

They may prefer not to have all of their dating eggs in one basket and hopefully be able to date multiple people at the same time that interest them.

Online dating allows these people to actually take their time in who they choose to date and date as many of them at a time as they can handle.

Clearly, these people aren’t losers.

At least, not in the dating game.

However, they have consciously chosen to do online dating.

Think about how advantageous it is to know that you have the ability to take your time and get to know someone online.

You don’t have the pressure of having to meet in person as you would in real life.

You don’t have the pressure of having to make something happen because this person may soon be lost to the next suitor.

You can simply take some time and get to know as many people as you would like.

This eases off so much pressure. The kind of pressure that many face in real life dating.

Now, are there people who are online dating because they cannot find a date?


However, that has nothing to do with online dating.

That has everything to do with that person’s social skills in the real world.

Rest assured that if this person doesn’t improve those social skills, they will not last very long in the online dating space either.

In other words, they will not be able to keep a potential date’s interest up long enough to meet them in life.

In the end, whether you are meeting people to date through online dating or doing it in the real world, you will not have any success at getting into a relationship or hooking up if you don’t have the applicable social skills.