On Dating Apps, People Often Compliment Me After Seeing My Pic And Then Block Me?

On Dating Apps, People Often Compliment Me After Seeing My Pic And Then Block Me?

This has you scratching your head.

Often, when you get a compliment on your pic on a dating app, the woman follows that up by blocking you.

She uses words like, “hot,” “sexy,” “gorgeous,” and so on.

As you are about to text her back with a message thanking her, she blocks you.

This has happened so much, it has you flabbergasted.

What gives?

Why does this happen?

The women who do this on dating apps aren’t looking to get into a conversation with you.

She isn’t on a dating app to find a partner.

She is just window shopping.

Sitting around in her living room or bedroom, bored, she gets on a dating app out of curiosity.

The bare minimum is done to complete her dating profile, which is reflected on how little information she shares in it.

Curiosity is her motivating factor.

It isn’t out of the question that she already has a boyfriend.

One she isn’t all that happy with at the present moment.

There could be a breakup on the horizon, but she isn’t wholly certain about that at this time.

To soothe her curiosity about whether there are guys out there she would find attractive, in case her relationship with her boyfriend ends in the foreseeable future, she signs up on a dating app.

When she sees a pic of an attractive guy she knows she would be attracted to if she didn’t have a boyfriend, she sends a compliment.

Fearing the temptation of receiving a response from him and getting into a conversation that could lead down a rabbit hole that ends in infidelity, she quickly blocks his dating profile.

All she is doing is window shopping, without any intent of getting into a conversation with a guy.

This aside, there are women who compliment a pic and subsequently block a guy as a form of payback.

There are lots of women who sign up on dating apps and are immediately on the receiving end of a myriad of sexually or superficially charged messages from guys.

It’s not unusual for a woman to sign up on a dating app and receive hundreds of messages in a single day.

By far, the majority of these messages are sexually charged or superficial in nature.

She reads messages like, “Hey Sexy,” “Hi, want to have phone sex?,” “Hey Beautiful,” “Hello, what is your favorite sex position,” and on and on.

Sometimes, it gets to be so much that a few of these women take it upon themselves to send similar sexually charged or superficial messages to men, as payback.

She wants you to get an idea of what it is like to be bombarded with messages that have nothing to do with an intent to get to know her better as a person.

The truth is, she isn’t carefully looking at every pic she is presented with.

She picks a few at random and chooses to send a compliment.

This is followed up with her blocking the guy.

This is her revenge.

She gives him a boost to his ego by complimenting him, then shatters that boost by blocking him right after.

You are nothing like the men that have sent her messages that are sexually charged or superficial in nature, but you had the misfortune of being in the path of her vengeful ire.

Don’t take it personally.

The truth is, the majority of women who are on dating apps to find committed relationships rarely start a conversation by sending a sexually charged or superficial message.

She avoids sexually charged or superficial introductions, preferring instead to either keep her first message fairly generic or specific to information that was included in the guy’s dating profile.