Online Dating: Any Success Stories About Revisiting A Past Connection?

Online Dating: Any Success Stories About Revisiting A Past Connection?

There are success stories.

Sometimes, a past connection fails when the timing simply isn’t right.

This is a person that had a lot going on in life at the time that you both connected or they weren’t quite sure about the relationship they wanted.

Past connections that failed can be revisited and even revived depending on the circumstances that existed back then and the circumstances that exist now.

The success stories occur when the circumstances are right.

These circumstances also have to be right on your end.

You shouldn’t be thinking about revisiting this past connection simply due to a lack of success in meeting better romantic prospects on the online dating site.

You shouldn’t approach a desire to revisit a past connection based on desperation.

Your mind should be right.

Your mind should be approaching this desire with an openness that is based on a feeling that this is the right timing for you.

If this past connection failed based on something that came from your end, you should first ask yourself about how you feel about that particular issue.

This was a person that you had a date or more with.

You connected with them well, both physically and mentally.

Yet, the experience ultimately failed.

If the person wanted the connection to persist and you were the one who decided to end it, ask yourself about why that was.

Have you reached a point in your life right now where you believe that you were in the wrong for ending that past connection prematurely?

Do you believe that you have done so much growing since then that you see life and relationships in a different and more evolved way?

These are questions that you really need to ask yourself before thinking about revisiting this past connection.

If you were the one who actually ended this connection and you don’t ask yourself about what has since changed to make you want to revisit this past connection, you run the risk of reconnecting with this person only to come across the same problem again.

This is why you shouldn’t make this decision so lightly or out of a desperate desire to reconnect.

Revisiting a past connection out of desperation ends badly.

You would rekindle something that is destined yet again to fail.

Do the introspection that you need doing right now and take your time.

If you still believe that you want to revisit this past connection for the right reasons, you should message the person, but do so with tempered expectations.

Understand that this is a person who has possibly moved on from you emotionally and could even be currently dating someone new.

Don’t expect the person to suddenly jump at the opportunity to revisit a past connection with you.

If their circumstances allow, this is a person that could also be interested in reconnecting with you.

If they do choose to reconnect with you, don’t jump into anything prematurely.

Use this opportunity to take your time in getting to know one another.

Don’t allow your emotions or sensual desire to get the best of either one of you.

You now have a second chance at getting this right.

Don’t mess it up by being too eager to start a relationship.