Online Dating: Why Start A Conversation If You Are Not Going To Reply?

Online Dating: Why Start A Conversation If You Are Not Going To Reply?

It’s aggravating when a woman on a dating app starts a conversation with you and doesn’t reply to your response to her.

There was a match, which means that there were similar interests.

You took the liberty of replying to her opening message by making a comment in reference to information she included in her dating profile.

She doesn’t reply.

It’s not like her initial message to kickstart a conversation was good either.

It was an emoji smiley or a hello.

Not much at all.

There wasn’t much effort put into it to begin with.

You took the liberty of sending a proper response in referencing information from her dating profile and you get no reply.

Now you are aggravated.

Although I empathize with your aggravation to an extent, you could have prevented it by reading between the lines.

Her lazy opening message to you should have given you pause.

It was a strong indication that she wasn’t going to reply to your response.

Unfortunately, out of a desperation to match and engage with women, guys are too quick to forgive lazy behavior on dating apps.

You are better than this.

When a woman on a dating app starts a conversation with an emoji or a one or two-word greeting, she isn’t putting in sufficient effort.

This lets you know that she has a higher likelihood of not replying to you when you respond.

Even in the event where she does reply to you, it’s unlikely that the conversation lasts.

She already started the conversation lackadaisically, which is a telltale sign that her interest level is incredibly low.

At such a low, it doesn’t take long before she stops replying to you.

Why put yourself through this?

I know that you are desperate to get a conversation going on a dating app and connect with a woman, but this is not how you do it.

A lazy opening message portends a lazy conversation.

When she does bother to reply, you are setting yourself up to be the only one who is keeping the conversation going.

It’s like beating a dead horse.

Why do this?

Although you are having a tough time getting matches and connecting with women on dating apps, wasting your time on women who have exceedingly low interest in you doesn’t improve your plight.

When a woman starts with such a lazy conversation opener, she is barely interested in you in the first place.

She swiped right on your dating profile because she saw something she liked in it.

You had interests in common and she thought you were cute.

Notwithstanding, her interest level was significantly low.

Although there was an initial surge of excitement in knowing you had already swiped right on her dating profile and there was a match, it wasn’t enough for her to take a moment to send you a well-thought-out opening message.

A match is like a boost to her self-esteem.

She felt a rush of energy when there was a match.

Here was a guy who was interested in her and thought she was attractive.

That is a rush.

But just as soon as the rush occurs, it dies out.

That diminished energy means that she isn’t going to do the work to send you a good opening message that fosters further conversation.

Not everyone is on a dating app to genuinely find a relationship, unless they so happen to match with someone who is exceedingly out of their league in looks, status and finances.