Online Dating: Does This Mean He Might Be Gay?

Online Dating: Does This Mean He Might Be Gay?

There is something that is now troubling you about a guy that you have been talking to.

Perhaps you have had some conversations with him that have left you doubtful about whether he is straight or gay.

This may really be bothering you because you are worried that if you were to allow yourself to continue interacting with this guy, you may start catching feelings for him that may not be reciprocated on his part.

Most people who join dating sites don’t want to be led on.

They joined for a reason and are often unhappy if they were to meet someone who would ultimately mislead them.

You don’t want to be misled.

Indeed, he may be gay or he may simply be very comfortable with talking about people of the same sex in a complimentary context.

If you feel that he has said certain things that make you believe that he might be gay, there is absolutely nothing wrong with asking him about it.

A lot of people get worried at the prospect of asking someone that they have been talking to in a romantic capacity about their sexuality.

They worry that in asking the person about their sexuality, they may be inferring that the person isn’t straight.

They worry that this may annoy the person or make them feel insulted.

You shouldn’t worry yourself too much about this.

Remember that you are on a purpose.

There is a reason why you joined the online dating site in the first place.

Think about what you are trying to get out of all of this.

You aren’t here to waste your time with someone who may have been dishonest in how they described their sexuality on their dating profile.

You should think about this first before allowing yourself to fruitlessly worry about what this guy may think if you were to ask him if he might be gay.

If he hasn’t shown you any clear-cut signs that he is gay, you can get more clear about it by simply asking him about it in a tactful way.

One of the best ways to do this is to simply be honest and straightforward.

Firstly, inform him of whatever it was that he said or did that made you begin to think that he might be gay, then just ask him whether he is.

That is really it.

If you give him the initial reasons why you started thinking in this way and they are valid, there is a good chance that he will not take offense to the question.

If he isn’t gay, he may laugh it off and tell you that this is just how he is and people who don’t know him tend to think that he is gay because of that side of his personality.

If he is gay, he may be a little bit more hesitant in his response.

You may notice that he is thinking really hard and is finding it difficult to give you a coherent response.

There is a good chance that if indeed he is gay and was being dishonest in how he described his sexuality on his dating profile, you will not hear from him again.

You would have called him out and he wouldn’t want to put himself in that position again.