Online Dating: When To Give Up On A Match?

Online Dating: When To Give Up On A Match?

When you have put in a good effort to have meaningful conversations with a match and they are not giving you the same kind of energy back, you should give up on that match.

It can be hard to give up on a match that started with so much promise.

Their dating profile really spoke to you when you first came across it.

So many interests in common.

It amazed you.

You couldn’t help but reach out to them and send a message.

You were excited over what you saw in their online dating profile.

There were so many areas that you believed you connected with them.

They even traveled to a location that you just visited not so long ago on vacation.

You wanted to ask them about what that experience was like so that you could relate.

In fact, you wanted to relate with this match on so much.

There were just so many similar interests.

Your excitement grew to a frenzy and you sent this match a message.

You were conscientious in your message.

You asked the match about something that they wrote about or included in their dating profile.

You kept your message relevant and respectful.

Your match responded to your message and you were even more excited about them.

They answered your question.

A back and forth correspondence ensued over the course of a few weeks or so.

But, you eventually noticed that the last few messages that you sent to this match weren’t met with the same amount of enthusiasm that they once did.

The responses were a lot more brief and succinct.

You were not feeling the energy that you once felt from them.

That energy seemed to have waned.

It got so bad that you even double texted them just to get them to respond.

You shouldn’t keep beating a dead horse.

Once an exchange has gotten to this point, the match is indicating a strong lack of interest.

If this is something that has happened to you repeatedly, you need to take a look at what you are doing wrong.

A pattern suggests that the problem is on your end, not theirs.

You could be taking too long to ask a match out.

A match will lose interest if you take too long to ask them out.

They just get the impression that you must be a time waster who just wants to chat with people that you meet on a dating site without having any intention of ever meeting them.

Stop waiting for the perfect moment to ask a match out.

When there has been a good and productive back and forth exchange, asking the match out within the first week or two of chatting with them is a must.

The longer you go without doing this, the higher the likelihood that your match loses interest in you until that interest subsides completely.

You shouldn’t keep putting yourself in a situation where you have to start double texting to get a match to respond to you.

If the prospect of asking this match out worries you, don’t allow it.

Your match joined the dating site to find a date, not to find a pen pal.

They want to be asked out.

Keep this in mind the next time you find a match whose dating profile resonates with you and you begin to chat with.