Online Dating: Why Would He Delete Me After Talking To Me For Months?

Online Dating: Why Would He Delete Me After Talking To Me For Months?

He can feel the need to delete you as a match when he knows that he has a better romantic option.

You met him on a dating app.

There is a good chance that you aren’t the only one that he was talking to for the last few months.

He was most likely talking to other dating prospects.

Now that he has been talking to you for months, he may have simply reached a point where he believes that it would be best to focus more of his time and energy on someone else that he may have been talking to simultaneously.

This happens all the time in online dating.

You may think that you are building a connection with someone over the course of several months only to have the person ultimately delete you as a match.

Sometimes the guys that do this may already know that they don’t really find you all that compelling.

However, they keep talking to you for months because they simply haven’t met anyone else on the dating app that they find more compelling.

Hence, they keep you around while simultaneously talking to other girls on the dating app in the hopes that they ultimately meet someone better.

Unfortunately, your time with them may have run out.

They may have found that better person and as a result they chose to delete you as a match.

It is a lot easier to do that than to keep up with an interaction that they now know isn’t really worth their time.

Sometimes, you could even be in a situation where he was merely using the dating app to kill boredom during a period of time that he knew he would be idle.

He may have been on a hiatus from school or work. He may have even been taking a hiatus from a tumultuous relationship.

Oftentimes, a guy will use a dating app as a distraction to help kill that boredom.

He has no real intention of ever meeting you.

He doesn’t even necessarily know how long the interaction will last.

All that he knows is that he is going to be on hiatus for some time and he needs a distraction to help kill boredom.

A guy can also delete you as a match after talking to you for months because he may have run out of patience.

Most guys who join dating apps are not looking to talk to a girl for months on end before meeting her.

He doesn’t want to keep you around as a match because that would only be a constant reminder of the amount of time wasted.

In deleting you as a match, he can find a way to put you behind him and try to move forward.

By talking to this guy for months, he may have gone from initial interest to a sense that this interaction had entered the friend zone.

In other words, he may have the impression that the initial romantic spark or chemistry has been lost between you and replaced with a friendly correspondence.

He didn’t join the dating app to look for friends.

Hence, he deletes you so as not to keep putting the time and effort into an interaction that has since become platonic in nature.