Online Dating: FaceTime First?

Online Dating: FaceTime First?

After being on the receiving end of so much catfishing and fatfishing, you have had enough.

Doing a FaceTime first is making so much sense to you.

Although you initially thought it weird to request a video chat before meeting a person from a dating app, your mind has changed.

It has been so disappointing to meet men who misrepresent themselves on a dating app.

What is he thinking?

That you forgive him for not looking like the photos he has posted in his dating profile?

You don’t get it.

Doesn’t he have enough common sense to know that his date won’t be happy with him showing up several pounds overweight or looking unrecognizable from his photos?

Yet, you have been repeatedly catfished and fatfished.

It’s no wonder that you are now game to FaceTime first.

The truth is, catfishing and fatfishing is exponentially prevalent on dating apps.

Being that the internet is so accessible, it attracts a variety of people.

Many of them lonely and idiosyncratic.

They aren’t like you.

As an upstanding and considerate person, you can’t imagine tricking a match for weeks on a dating app, making said match believe you are physically in shape or someone you aren’t.

Unfortunately, not everyone on the internet has your values.

The internet is too easily accessible, making it inevitable that people of poor character sign up on dating apps.

Several catfish, and others fatfish.

Eitherway, he is misrepresenting himself.

It is deceitful and wrong.

Yet, it keeps happening.

Sadly, the internet will never be free of these people, given how accessible it is, but you can mitigate the odds of getting catfished and fatfished.

You are on the right track in thinking about doing a FaceTime first.

The thing with this is that you are exchanging text messages with a guy on a dating app for a period of time before a proposal to meet is made and you are asking to do a FaceTime first.

That’s a precious amount of time and energy spent that doesn’t do you that much good if it turns out that he is catfishing or fatfishing.

In this day and age, a good number of dating apps have a video messaging option.

Consider using a video messaging option, instead of relying on text messaging back and forth for a while until a proposal is made to meet, and you are asking to FaceTime first.

This way, you get to see whether you are being catfished or fatfished right from the moment you match with each other and start a conversation.

You would be using video messaging on a dating app as your medium of communication.

Video messaging obviously confirms whether you are being catfished or fatfished, but it does something else in tandem.

It determines whether there is chemistry.

Texting back and forth on a dating app isn’t the best measure of whether there is bona fide chemistry.

Text messaging is impersonal.

No amount of text messaging provides a visceral experience.

Short of meeting each other face to face, the next best method of confirming whether there is chemistry is through video chatting.

This is where you observe personality traits that you would never pick up on through text messaging alone.

It’s the closest thing to a visceral encounter, short of meeting each other face to face.

Lots of matches who only engage in text messaging on a dating app complain about a lack of chemistry upon meeting in person.

By video messaging from the outset, you establish whether there is authentic chemistry.