How Should I Tell A Guy That I’m Talking To Online That I Basically Have No Friends?

How Should I Tell A Guy That I'm Talking To Online That I Basically Have No Friends?

There is a solid connection with this guy you have been talking to online.

It has been such a phenomenal feeling to have a guy you are having a great connection with on a dating app.

Since you started talking to him online, he has been such a breath of fresh air.

So far, you haven’t had much luck with guys you have matched with on a dating app.

You were getting ready to give up.

Suddenly, this guy shows up as a match.

His messages have been detailed, thoughtful and respectful.

Such a breath of fresh air.

Finally, here was a guy who was treating you like a human being, unlike several prior matches who would barely put out any effort in conversations.

There is no doubt you like this guy and want to meet him when the time is right.

As you have idealized him, you have grown increasingly emotionally invested in him.

Which has led to an anxiety that has been troubling you.

You basically have no friends and you are worried that the guy you are talking to online is going to have an issue with this.

From conversations you have had with him so far, you have the impression that he has a bunch of friends.

This has made you increasingly anxious.

Here is the truth about your situation.

You have no friends and how he takes this news is up in the air.

Nonetheless, opposites do attract.

This means that having no friends isn’t a surefire reason for him to be turned off.

At this juncture, your best option is to focus on continuing to show him your dynamic personality.

Keep the momentum up.

When the time comes and he brings up the topic of friends, be honest in telling him that you have none.

He has a decision to make.

Does he stick around or leave.

Make it easier for him to decide to stick around by not giving him cause to worry.

Giving him a cause to worry is when your response clearly shows a shortfall of confidence and you follow it up with a bunch of excuses as to why you don’t have friends.

This is how you plant seeds of doubt in his mind that shouldn’t be there.

He gets the sense that you have an insecurity about not having friends and this triggers a number of bothersome thoughts in his mind.

Is your insecurity a sign that you are clingy?

In other words, if he were to date you, would you be accepting of his friends and let him maintain a relationship with them, or would you be upset every time he hung out with them?

He doesn’t want this.

He wants to continue having his friends in his life irrespective of whether he is dating you.

As long as you don’t give him any reason to have these thoughts, you are in a much better position for him to be open to the idea of you not having friends.

What do you have going for you by this point?

A solid rapport has been built with him, thanks to the conversations you have been having with him online.

When you responded to his question, you were confident and showed no insecurity about having no friends, which kept him from going down a negative rabbit hole in his mind about the prospects of you being clingy.

Opposites attract.

He never verified whether you had friends early on in his conversations with you.

Normally, this indicates that he isn’t prioritizing whether a match has friends or not, which makes the fact that you have no friends less likely to be a deal breaker to him.