Online Dating: What To Do If Your Date Is Overweight?

Online Dating: What To Do If Your Date Is Overweight?

They were dishonest about their size and misrepresented themselves on their dating profile.

They posted pictures of themselves from years or several months back when they were in better shape or chose not to update their profile pictures to show what they look like in present day.

This was all their doing.

You were honest in how you represented yourself on your dating profile.

You posted recent photos of yourself.

You did what you were supposed to do.

If this person was the one who initiated contact with you, your pictures had a lot to do with their decision.

They were attracted to how you looked.

You thought that they were showing the same courtesy in the pictures that they had posted on their profile.

You proceeded to show interest as well and participated in conversation with this person for some weeks.

Everything was going well.

The conversations were great and the chemistry was easy.

The vibe just felt right.

The big day arrives and the both of you meet in person.

You are deflated.

Your date is overweight.

They look heavier than their dating profile pictures represented.

You are bummed out.

After all of that buildup only to discover that the person is overweight.

Remember, this person selfishly chose to mislead you.

You are not the villain here, they are.

You are well within your rights to quickly end the date and leave.

You don’t owe this person anything.

If anything, they have been deceiving you this whole time.

If you feel awkward about simply getting up and leaving, you can call them out on what has transpired.

Politely ask them about how different they look compared to their dating profile pictures.

You don’t even have to mention that they are overweight.

They will know exactly what you mean when you make this reference to their dating profile pictures.

What you will notice is that they will make an admission at that moment.

They will try to sugarcoat it but they will address the fact that they look different.

They will give excuses as to why that is without any prompting from you.

They tried to update their pictures but they had some technical issues.

They forgot about how old their pictures were and would get to updating them as soon as they could.

They figured that they would have lost the extra weight by now, oops.

Yeah, you will be at the receiving end of a cavalcade of excuses.

Let them dig their own grave with their words.

When they are done, you can politely tell them that you were misled and it wouldn’t be fair to either one of you to continue on with the date.

This approach allows you to still be civil, although, they certainly haven’t earned it, while allowing them to dig their own grave in a desperate attempt to explain away the fact that they were very dishonest in how they represented themselves.

In fact, once called out, don’t be surprised when they start deluging you with apologies after giving you a litany of excuses.

No need to stick around.

You have every reason to get up and leave now.

They know where they went wrong.

A strong move like this on your part could get someone like this to be more honest so that they never put someone else through the same ordeal in the future.

The less dishonesty there is in online dating, the better off we will all be.