Online Dating: Getting Matches From Other States?

Online Dating: Getting Matches From Other States?

The distance set on your dating profile is within your area, at a maximum of about 30 miles.

Despite this, you keep getting matches from other states.

It’s infuriating to get excited about a match, as you read his dating profile, and later learn that he is from some other state.

It has happened repeatedly to you and has you wondering.

Why does this keep happening?

You aren’t totally adverse to expanding your distance settings, if need be, but not as far as a different state.

Believe it or not, getting matches from other states isn’t unusual on a dating app.

A good number of people go through this on dating apps.

A quick way to remedy the issue is to take a look at your match settings.

Are they too stringent?

When you have very strict settings for your preferred match, a dating app’s algorithm tends to expand its matching parameters when it runs out of suitable matches in your area.

Sometimes, this means that the algorithm expands its matching parameters to other states.

Take a look at your match settings.

Wherever you can be less stringent, do it.

For example, if you are looking to get matched with men who make six figures a year in income or higher, there are only going to be a finite number of these men within a 30 mile radius of where you live.

A small percentage of men in the general population makes six figures a year.

This is why the algorithm has to turn to sending you matches from other states.

Consider something else.

Have you been traveling lately and logging into your account from wherever you are out of state?

A dating app’s algorithm is designed to mimic your behavior.

When it sees that you have logged into your account from various areas outside of your state, it thinks that you are looking to match with people from out of state.

Accordingly, it sends matches to you from out of state.

You don’t have to have visited these specific states.

As long as you have been out of state for a stretch of time, and logged into your dating account from said location, the dating app’s algorithm looks at you as a nomad and is prone to sending you matches from various states.

Some of these states were flown over during your travels too.

Have you been traveling lately?

If you have, once you stay put at your location of residence for a sustained period of time, the dating app’s algorithm realigns.

Staying put for a sustained period of time reminds the dating app’s algorithm of where you live, and it readjusts to exclusively sending you matches within your distance settings.

One more thing.

It’s worth your time to do some research on the dating app you are using.

Some dating app’s are more popular in certain parts of the country over others.

Where a dating app isn’t as popular, it has less matches to choose from in a local area, and this prompts it to widen a search for matches to other states.

There is a possibility you aren’t using a dating app that is popular in your area.

In which case, it’s a good idea to consider using a different dating app that is more popular in your area.