Online Dating: What Heights Do Men Filter Out?

Online Dating: What Heights Do Men Filter Out?

Though lots of women look at height as a factor in who they filter out on dating apps, men aren’t as concerned with that.

For women on dating apps, the dream is to meet a guy who is 6 feet tall and above.

For men on dating apps, the dream is to get a match.

No, seriously.

Men are primarily concerned with getting a match on dating apps.

Women have the luxury of filtering men out by height, but the majority of men don’t.

Tall men who are 6 feet and above rarely care about putting a height filter.

He already knows that he is going to be taller by far than the majority of women, given that the average height of a woman is 5 foot 4 inches.

As a tall man, filtering women out by those who are just as tall or taller would leave him with very little matches to choose from, if any.

Since he is already going to be dating a woman who is shorter than him, having a height filter for the women he matches with doesn’t make much sense.

Short men are a little different.

Although short men are more concerned with getting matches than filtering women out by height, a few of them do have height filters.

As a short man, he already knows that women have a preference for tall men.

He has seen this in his own dating history in the real world.

He has seen his tall guy friends repeatedly get girlfriends with ease, while he struggled to get anywhere near as many women to give him any attention.

With this mindset, upon signing up on a dating app, the last thing he wants is to give himself less of a chance to get quality matches.

It’s not that he has a problem with taller women, it’s more so that he knows that women in general tend to be attracted to tall men.

He wants to get matched with women who wouldn’t have an issue with his height.

Unlike tall men who don’t have to worry about this, and as a consequence, barely bother putting in height requirements, some short men don’t believe they have this luxury.

He filters out women who are significantly taller than him.

The average height of a man is 5 foot 9 inches tall.

Generally, a man below this height would be regarded as short in comparison to the average height of a man.

Let’s say, this is a short man who is about 5 foot 6 inches tall.

He is taller than the average woman.

Knowing that women prefer dating men who are taller than they are, he takes full advantage of this by barely having a height minimum, but doesn’t go too much higher than the average height of a man with his maximum height requirement.

He caps off his height maximum at about 5 foot 9 inches or an inch higher.

This is a few inches taller than him, but he doesn’t think the height difference is so egregious that a girl is completely adverse to it.

Since women prefer dating taller men, he knows that a woman at 5 foot 11 inches or more would mostly set her height filters to men who are 6 feet tall and above.

To give himself the best shot at getting matches, his minimum height requirement is set to nothing or very low, but the height filter is capped out at about three or four inches taller than him, knowing that going any further than this puts him at a disadvantage in receiving matches.