Online Dating: How Do You Start A Conversation With A Woman Who Has No Info In Her Bio And Opens The Chat With Just A “Hi”?

Online Dating: How Do You Start A Conversation With A Woman Who Has No Info In Her Bio And Opens The Chat With Just A "Hi"?

This is a head-scratcher.

She has no info in her bio.

But she has photos.

Clearly, you think she is attractive.

That was what captured your initial attention.

She opens the chat with just a “Hi.”

You are a little taken aback.

On the one hand, you are drawn to her photos.

She has a mixture of sexy photos and those with her performing various activities.

Yet, she has no info in her bio and this has left you wondering about what to do.

You have thought about replying by using information from her photos.

After all, where else is there to go?

She has no info in her bio.

I get it, she is pretty and you are drawn to her photos.

Nevertheless, having no info in her bio is extremely suspicious.

Dating profiles like this are commonly fake.

This is a scammer who has stolen photos from various unknowing and attractive people on the internet.

The scammer posts these stolen photos to a dating profile.

There is no bio info because the scammer’s bot is not designed to create info in the bio.

It is designed to steal photos from the internet and post them into a dating profile.

That is much easier than having to come up with words in a bio.

You must be cognizant of this.

Don’t get so caught up in how attractive she looks in her photos.

This is what the scammer behind this likely fake profile is counting on.

The scammer is hoping that you are so taken by how attractive the woman appears, you overlook the complete absence of info in her bio.

The scammer doesn’t care about your dating profile or what you are looking for in a partner.

They are looking to take advantage of you through either stealing your identity or taking advantage of you financially.

They play the numbers game to get started.

In sending a bunch of opening messages to guys on dating apps with nothing more than a “Hi,” the scammer is hoping to maximize the number of responses they get.

The scammer picks out who to scam out of the number of guys who reply to the message.

The woman you see in those photos isn’t real.

Well, she is, but her photos were stolen from somewhere on the internet by the scammer and she is completely unaware of this.

It does you no good to message her back and attempt to start a conversation with her.

This opens you up to getting scammed if the scammer chooses to set their sights on you and fenagle you into believing that this is a real woman who likes you, as they scam you out of whatever it is they want.

I know you have not been getting a good number of matches or had much luck on dating apps so far.

It is this frustration that the scammer is hoping to use against you.

It’s akin to seeing an oasis in the middle of a desert.

In your case, the oasis is the message you have received from this woman with attractive photos.

The scammer wants you to be desperate enough to overlook the absence of any info in the bio, and reply to their message.

Don’t fall for it.

Rework your dating profile by writing a bio that is entertaining and posting photos that show you involved in fun activities.

This attracts matches, several of which would have info in their bio.

These are real women.

Ignore the scammers.