Online Dating: She Stopped Responding But Didn’t Unmatch Or Delete?

Online Dating: She Stopped Responding But Didn't Unmatch Or Delete?

Conversations with her were going well on a dating app.

They were fun and flirty.

You thought everything was gelling.

You were thinking about arranging a first date.

As you were preparing yourself to ask her out on a first date, you sent her a message to instigate a conversation and she didn’t respond.

That is where you are now.

She has never done this in the past.

Whenever you two would chat on a dating app, she was quick to respond.

This being said, if you were being honest with yourself, her response time was getting worse with each consequent week of late.

It went from getting a response from her within the hour to waiting for hours to get a response.

This is the longest she has gone without responding and you are getting an anxious feeling in your gut.

You don’t know what to do.

You have grown to like this girl.

The temptation to double text her has crossed your mind, but you are worried that you would look desperate in doing so.

After all, she has a message from you sitting in her inbox right now.

Although you have attempted to distract yourself with various activities, you keep grabbing your phone, hoping to see that she has responded to your message.

As upsetting as it has been, you have been holding on to the hope that all isn’t lost.

She hasn’t unmatched or deleted your dating profile.

You want to believe that this must mean that she isn’t done with you.

There is validity in this, but you must be careful not to dwell on whether you are going to hear back from her or not.

Remember that the signs were already there.

She was taking longer to respond to your messages.

That was your signal that she was getting bored with the conversations she was having with you.

This was your cue to introduce a new topic of conversation, which would have injected new energy into the relationship.

You didn’t do that.

She got bored and stopped responding to you altogether.

This is a lesson you have to learn.

Never spend too much time on any one topic.

Make it a habit to change topics of conversation once it has outlived its usefulness.

You know when this has happened when she isn’t asking as many follow-up questions on the topic as she was when you initially introduced it.

This is where you pivot from the topic and insight new energy into the conversation by introducing a new topic.

Now, in terms of this specific girl, her lack of a response is not a guarantee that you won’t hear from her again.

She got bored with the conversation, so she is now talking to different guys on the dating app who are showing interest in her.

These guys aren’t a sure thing.

She hasn’t unmatched or deleted you for a reason.

Although she grew bored with you, she could come back around if she doesn’t enjoy talking to these matches.

Nevertheless, you mustn’t double text her beforehand.

Double texting her spells doom.

It makes you look desperate.

A desperate guy is a turn off to girls.

This means you lose out on any shot of getting her to come back into your orbit.

For now, redirect your attention to talking to different girls on the dating app.

This distracts you, keeping you from giving in to the temptation to double text her.

If she comes back around to you, you know what to do.