Online Dating: Matches But No Message?

Online Dating: Matches But No Message?

It’s a staple.

You receive a number of matches on a dating app and you get thoroughly excited, until you realize that said matches aren’t messaging you nor are they responding to your messages.

This has happened so frequently, you literally expect to get matched with women who end up not messaging you or replying to your messages.

It’s true.

This is a common occurrence on dating apps.

Men are relentlessly complaining about how they receive matches, only to be ignored afterward by said matches.

There is a viable explanation for this.

A disparate divide exists on dating apps between the sexes.

The balance of power is lopsided.

For women, there is an abundance of dating options.

A woman is deluged with matches the moment she signs up on a dating app.

It’s overwhelming.

A lot of these women aren’t expecting it and are taken by surprise.

She never receives this much attention in her day to day life from guys.

Besides the stares, she rarely gets approached.

It’s the complete opposite on a dating app.

Upon signing up on a dating app, she isn’t prepared for what is about to happen.

A deluge of likes and interest signals.

It is too much.

She rarely has the time to look through all of them.

As she swipes right on one guy, she is deluged with dozens of new matches who are vying for her interest.

You two matched recently, but it might as well have been a year ago to her.

Since you matched with each other, she has been deluged with a ton of new matches.

Even though she had every intention to message you, she is distracted, desperately trying to manage these matches.

Meanwhile, you are wondering why she hasn’t messaged you.

Of course you are.

You have the time to do that, given that you haven’t been getting deluged with matches like she has.

There you are, twiddling your thumbs, wondering why this attractive girl hasn’t messaged you.

It’s hard enough for an average girl to keep up with her matches and interests signals on a dating app, and next to impossible for an attractive girl to do so.

She is getting an exponentially greater amount of matches and interest signals from men.

When you put yourself in her shoes, can you empathize?

I get it.

You want to get a message from her.

But a beautiful woman’s exploits on a dating app is lot different from that of a man.

She receives the largest number of matches and interest signals than any group of people on a dating app, including handsome men.

This being said, you improve the odds of getting a message from her when you use any feature the dating app offers that makes a dating profile stick out from the rest.

Customarily, this is a highlight or super like feature.

It’s too effortless for an attractive woman to forget that she matched with you.

Besides having eye-catching photos on your dating profile, it is to your benefit to get your dating profile to stick out above the rest by using a feature that makes this happen.