Online Dating: How Do You Wish Your Match A Happy Birthday?

Online Dating: How Do You Wish Your Match A Happy Birthday?

Matching with him on an online dating site has been good to you so far.

Great conversations have been had and the foreseeable future looks promising.

You have been on a date or two with him, or looking forward to your first.

His birthday is coming up and you don’t know how to go about wishing him a happy birthday.

Everything is so new with him.

You don’t know how to wish him a happy birthday without it coming off as either too bland or too much.

It’s not like he is your boyfriend.

Gauging what action is appropriate in wishing him a happy birthday is giving you fits.

You don’t want to spoil it with this guy.

Were you to wish him a happy birthday in a vain that turns him off, you would be livid with yourself.

Yet, you don’t want it to be so bland and generic, he wonders why you bothered wishing him a happy birthday.

Don’t overthink this.

He knows that his relationship with you is very much in the budding stages.

He doesn’t expect you to go all out in wishing him a happy birthday.

Since you are working on getting to know each other better at this stage, wishing him a happy birthday through sending him a text is fitting.

Keep it short.

Wish him a happy birthday and to cap it off, send an image of a cake with candles on it.

This gives your text additional flavor.

There is no obligation to go overboard with it.

No, you don’t need to make a video of yourself singing the happy birthday song and send it to him, nor call him to do it.

No on sending him a virtual happy birthday card with heartfelt words inscribed about how much of an amazing person he is and this is his day to shine.

Absolutely no to the idea of baking him a cake.

These go overboard.

It’s too much and sends the wrong message.

You haven’t built up requisite rapport with him to go this far.

Though you are someone with a history of making people in your life happy about their special day, in how you celebrate it with them, this is not the same circumstance.

That venue may come a year from now, depending on how the two of you hit if off in coming weeks.

It isn’t here yet.

So, don’t misread this momentous occasion as your lease to go about celebrating his birthday as you have done with previous boyfriends, family members, friends and work colleagues.

There is no pressure for you to do this in the slightest.

A quick text wishing him a happy birthday accompanied with an image of a cake with candles works perfectly.

Knowing that you thought of him on his special day is enough.

As it is his birthday, don’t take it personally should he not communicate with you as much as he normally does.

It doesn’t mean he no longer likes you.

Some women get the wrong impression when they are somewhat ignored on occasions like this, feeling left out.

Then, make the mistake of bringing that up in future conversations with their match.

This comes off as too self-absorbed and is a turn off.

Whether he responds to your happy birthday wish or not, or talks less to you on the day of or not, let him have his day.

Everything gets back to normal once it’s passed.