Online Dating: Stood Up

Online Dating: Stood Up

There isn’t much worse than having a great conversation with a girl on a dating app, arranging a date to meet for drinks, only to get stood up upon arriving there.

I feel your pain.

Many guys have been there.

So, you aren’t on an island.

No doubt, you were filled with every bad emotion you have ever endured at that moment, when you realized you had paid for a rideshare and worn your swankiest shoes, to get stood up.

Never have you felt so impassioned to message a girl and barrage her with a bevy of insults.

Don’t do that.

Listen, in the world of online dating, you are bound to get stood up if you go on enough dates. It comes with the territory.

Never mind how good the conversation is going with a girl and how excited she seems to meet you on that first date that you proposed.

There are absolutely no assurances that she shows up.

People are people.

Some mean what they say and others don’t.

It’s not personal.

Being stood up doesn’t mean that you are unworthy.

You are.

She wasn’t the one for you.

Simply accept that and move forward.

Although it isn’t realistic to completely avoid getting stood up by women you meet on dating apps, there are paths to reducing the number of instances they occur.

Women are less likely to stand you up when you have spent a significant amount of time getting to know them.

That means you practice patience.

Asking that pretty girl to meet you for drinks in the first one or two messages you send her on a dating site is a recipe for getting stood up.

Practice patience through building rapport with her first.

Talk to her about her interests, make her laugh, tease her.

This period foments trust and fondness, so that when you choose to ask her to meet up with you on a first date, she is substantially excited to do so.

She is energized.

When you don’t build rapport with her, asking her to meet you too soon after your first message to her, she has no emotional investment.

This means she is likelier to stand you up without much of a conscience.

Attractive girls on dating sites are frequently asked out, and asked out too soon.

Most of those requests are to meet for drinks.

Before you impatiently asked this girl to meet up for drinks, she had already received multiple similar offers from other impatient guys.

Requesting that she meet you for the same activity that so many other men are suggesting is boring to her, causing her to stand you up without remorse.

You were yet another guy asking her out for drinks.

Why not be different?

Ask her to do an activity with you that most guys aren’t asking her to do.

This sets you apart from them, forcing her to be intrigued.

A woman intrigued, is a woman activated.

The information she has included in her dating profile provides a wide range of ideas for a first date.

What activities did she specify she loved?

What if she stated that she loves comedy shows.

No surprise here, girls love to laugh.

This is where you do your homework.

Find out where there is a live comedy show in town and invite her to it for your first date.

In suggesting an activity that you already know she loves, you set yourself so far apart from the rest of the predictable men who are asking her to meet for drinks.

You have scored points with her, making it profoundly difficult for her to stand you up.