Online Dating: How To Tell If A Guy Is Serious Or Just Passing Time?

Online Dating: How To Tell If A Guy Is Serious Or Just Passing Time?

A guy who is serious on an online dating site as opposed to just passing time will typically be consistent in asking you substantive questions about yourself.

He will often remember the answers that you give him and will ask you follow-up questions about those answers in future conversations.

This is often how you know that he has actually been thinking about you in his private time away from the online dating site.

He may have thought about an answer that you gave him to a question that he had asked you and realized that he wanted to know more about that particular topic.

In a consequent conversation with you, he brings up that topic once again and wants you to elaborate on the answer that you had previously given him.

This is a surefire sign that tells you that this guy has been actually thinking about you while he has been away from the online dating site and conducting his daily activities.

A guy who is just passing time would rarely ask you that many substantive questions and he certainly wouldn’t remember the answers that you give him.

It is highly unlikely that he would ask you for further elaboration about a particular question that you answered in the past.

He would simply keep talking about frivolous topics that aren’t really directed toward any particular goal.

Just small talk really.

To tell if a guy on an online dating site is serious or just passing time, you should observe how consistent he is in finishing conversations with you.

Oftentimes a guy who is passing time will not care about finishing conversations.

He may bounce relatively quickly from topic to topic without any real direction.

He may even stop communicating with you for several hours or even days right in the middle of a particular conversation.

When he returns to the conversation hours or days later, he may just act as though there has been no real time lapse and kick off with a whole new topic without having finished the last.

This is often a guy who has no emotional stake in conversations that he is having with you on the online dating site.

Being that he is just passing time, he is paying little attention to the conversations that are being had.

They are just unimportant to him.

He is more concerned with killing time or boredom than he is in finishing a conversation.

A guy who is serious would typically be the complete opposite of this.

He is more steadfast in finishing conversations because he is really trying to get to know you better as a person.

He is also emotionally engaged in those conversations and thereby he wants to be able to conclude them in a natural way before moving on to another topic.

He wouldn’t want to just leave a conversation in the middle of it.

It would be like leaving a movie that he is watching in a theater in the middle of it.

That would be very unsatisfactory and anticlimactic.

To tell if a guy is serious or just passing time on an online dating site, you should observe how often the guy drops hints about meeting up in conversation.

Oftentimes, when a person is really liking someone that they are talking to on an online dating site, they will often drop hints about meeting up.

They may not even be consciously aware that they are doing this.

For example, during your conversations, the both of you may have come to the understanding that you both like watching live football.

At some point, you may hear this guy say something like, “That was a great game on Sunday. Caught it on TV. It would have been fun to be at the stadium watching it live. If you were there, you would have probably gone crazy when INSERT NAME OF ATHLETE HERE scored.”

He just hinted on what it would be like to hang out with you watching a live football game.

He may not have even been aware that he just juxtaposed the two of you being at this live football game but he just did.

You will see inadvertent hints like this from time to time as a guy who is serious about you on an online dating site communicates with you.

In doing so, he is unconsciously showing a degree of anticipation in the prospect of one day getting to meet you in life.