Online Dating: How Much Do Women Care About What A Guy Does For Work?

Online Dating: How Much Do Women Care About What A Guy Does For Work?

Online dating is no different from real life dating in a number of substantive areas.

One of those is in what a guy does for work.

Women care about this regardless of whether they are meeting men in real life settings or on dating sites.

Perhaps you are conventionally unemployed right now but doing side hustles that afford you the ability to pay your bills and live a good life.

Your dating profile states that you are “self-employed.”

For a living, you don’t do conventional work and have run into issues with your matches due to this.

They ask you about what you do for work and you tell them, but soon after, they either ghost or unmatch you.

You know they do this because of what you tell them you do for work.

They don’t like it when they hear that you are doing something unconventional for work and this is reflected time and time again when they ghost or unmatch you after an otherwise really good conversation online.

It’s true that many women have an issue when they see the words, “self-employed,” on a guy’s dating profile.

It sounds like a guy who doesn’t have a job and is sugarcoating it with words like, “self-employed.”

Women pay a great amount of attention to what a guy states that he does for work, with exceptions.

For instance, those who are exclusively looking for a hookup, aren’t as concerned with what a guy does for work.

They are primarily concerned with the guy’s looks.

On the contrary, those who are looking for a long-term relationship partner have a much greater propensity to pay a great deal of attention to what a guy does for work.

These women want to know that they aren’t going to be dealing with a guy who doesn’t have the financial wherewithal to keep up with their lifestyle or provide.

She doesn’t want to be the one paying the man’s way through life.

A man who doesn’t do work that is conventionally safe, brings up a lot of red flags.

It doesn’t feel stable.

She worries that in a situation where she dates a man like this, there are going to be stretches where his unconventional side hustle struggles and she has to take care of him financially.

These women don’t want to have to take care of a man financially. If anything, she wants a man who does better than she does financially.

This provides her with a great amount of security, knowing that he doesn’t need her financially to make a life with her.

So yes, women do care about what a man does for work.

Again, this is especially true with women who are seeking long-term relationships.

Although you do unconventional side hustles for work, this doesn’t mean that these women are certain to ghost or unmatch you once you tell them what you do for work.

Your presentation is of the essence.

She has no idea about what your side hustle entails and how lucrative it is.

Educate her on your side hustle first, so that she understands that it isn’t as unstable as her prejudice would have her believe, being that it is unconventional.

Apprising a woman on the nature of what you do as a side hustle eschews instant judgment on her part.

Having better knowledge about an unconventional job entices her to not write you off so quickly.

This motivates her to do her own research into it and what she finds may make her feel a lot better about what you do for work.

This won’t assuage every woman, especially those who are completely married to tradition, but it does assuage a good number of these women.

By educating these women beforehand, you decrease the number of occurrences where you are unmatched and ghosted.

Finally, you can have a sustained ongoing conversation with these women that culminates with a meeting in person.