Online Dating: How To Avoid Unsolicited PP Pics?

Online Dating: How To Avoid Unsolicited PP Pics?

Unsolicited pp pics have become a pandemic in the online dating world.

Guys have become more and more brazen with it.

For a woman to actually spend more than six months on online dating sites and apps without receiving an unsolicited pp pic or an offer to send one her way is almost unheard of.

Unsolicited pics of the penis have become a rite of passage for many women who venture into the online dating world.

You didn’t ask for this.

You were hoping to find a lifelong partner.

Nowhere in that intention did you even consider the prospect of entertaining the pics of endless stubby or skinny phalluses filling up your message inbox.

You never asked for them and have even explicitly told some of these men to avoid sending you pics of their penis, but that has fallen on deaf ears.

Block as many of them as you may, more men sprout out of the virtual landscape deluging you with even more pics of their pp.

Why are men on online dating sites and apps like this?

What has gotten into them?

Online dating awakes the freak in so many people and men are the most susceptible.

Men are not always happy with their lives.

At work, they have a bully of a boss who never lets them breathe nor appreciates them.

They rarely get promoted or get the raise they believe that they deserve.

They feel very small and insignificant.

They get home after a hard day’s work and are finally in their element.

At home, no one watches them suspiciously as they clock in and out to start their day, end their day, or for breaks.

No one is watching them like a hawk, making sure they are getting their assigned work done.

They are free to their own devices at home.

They are masters of their domain, whether it be in a little studio apartment at the end of a ramshackle street or a penthouse.

Unfortunately, men take this sense of freedom and empowerment when they are at home too far, injecting it into how they go about chatting with women that they meet on dating sites.

They want to have that sense of empowerment further enhanced by looking for acknowledgment from these women.

They send you an unsolicited pic of their pp to get a reaction out of you.

If you infuse them with praise, they feel even bigger.

They are beating their chests in their studio apartments or penthouses, feeling really good about themselves.

Their bully of a boss is temporarily forgotten.

All that matters is how much you are praising him for being so well-endowed.

If you react with anger or disgust, they still got a reaction out of you and to them, that is better than nothing.

They win either way by getting you to react, which in turn, makes them feel relevant.

You can’t really avoid unsolicited pp pics entirely.

Even if you are using a Christian dating site, you won’t escape.

Christian men have to deal with the travails of the real world too.

And yes, sending that unsolicited pp pic gives them an ego boost that no amount of prayer does.

Report every guy that sends you an unsolicited pp pic.

A reputable dating site takes this sort of online harassment seriously and deletes the person’s account.

The message quickly spreads that this behavior is unacceptable and many of these men filter out into more suitable sites for that sort of behavior such as adult dating sites.

Don’t entertain talking to any guy who opens a conversation with you with a sexual reference, no matter how harmless.

This is often how men who are prone to sending unsolicited pp pics start.

They use something small, such as a sexy compliment, to see how you respond.

If you continue talking to them after having received the sexy compliment, they look at that as a sign that you are open to receiving unsolicited pp pics when that time comes.

Avoid using your dating app into the late hours of night.

This is when these men are off work or done with real life responsibilities.

They are often inebriated and a lot more loose.

Late night is a time frame that they feel a lot more free and emboldened to send unsolicited pp pics.

Hang in there.

The more proactive you are in initiating contact with men that interest you, without waiting for them to contact you first, the sooner you find your lifelong partner.

That marks the end of dating sites for you.

No more unsolicited pp pics, ever.