Online Dating: I Accidently Swiped Right On My Cousin

Online Dating: I Accidently Swiped Right On My Cousin

As you were going through your potential matches on a dating app, you accidently swiped right on your cousin.

Obviously, this was never your intention.

Multitasking does that to you.

Upon swiping right on your cousin’s dating profile, you realized soon after that there was something weirdly familiar about her.

It took a moment.

After all, your cousin looked different.

Her hairstyle and hair color was different from what it looked like the last time you saw her.

That was a key factor in what threw you off.

A combination of multitasking and her new look was enough to throw you off, and you swiped right on her dating profile.

The last time you spoke to your cousin, she never mentioned that she was on a dating app or planned to sign up on one.

None of your other relatives told you as much either.

Without advanced warning, you weren’t ready to see your cousin’s dating profile on a dating app.

You thought she had a boyfriend.

As an attractive woman, you didn’t ever think that she would ever have a need to sign up on a dating app.

This is why you never thought about the prospect of running into her dating profile on a dating app.

I am not surprised that you weren’t considering the possibility of seeing your cousin’s dating profile on a dating app.

Lots of people don’t realize just how popular dating apps have become.

Dating apps are one of four of the most common avenues that people find their partners.

The other three avenues being through mutual friends, school, or work.

To this end, it isn’t unusual that your cousin, though attractive, signed up on one.

Although she is attractive, and has no issues with attracting male attention in the real world, she is having a difficult time finding a compatible match.

This is why people sign up on dating apps, attractive people included.

Nonetheless, once you accidentally swiped right on her dating profile, you realized that something was awry.

Moments later, it hit you.

You had accidentally swiped right on your cousin.

Although this has you slapping your forehead in bewilderment that you didn’t instantly recognize your cousin, don’t be too harsh on yourself.

There have been several incidents where people have swiped right on their own siblings.

Yes, siblings.

Swiping right on a cousin doesn’t sound as bad now, does it?

To look on the bright side, this is fodder for conversation at future Thanksgiving and Christmas family dinners.

A good laugh for the family.

Now, be aware that if you found your cousin on a dating app, other family members may be using the dating app too.

Talk to those of your family who are single, and ask them whether they are on the dating app you are using.

Should a family member who is single such as an aunt, niece, cousin, or sibling, so happen to be signed up on the dating app you are using, this is a head’s up.

This awareness saves all relevant parties from accidentally swiping right on each other in the future.

To further prevent this, find out what their usernames are and use the blocking filter on the dating app to block each and every one of them.