Online Dating: Swiping Right On Someone I Know?

Online Dating: Swiping Right On Someone I Know?

You can swipe right on someone you know.

There isn’t anything strange about it.

The both of you are most likely not all that close and may not even be in the same day to day social circle.

You just happen to know this person perhaps through work, the gym, an event or even through other friends.

In essence, this isn’t someone that you talk to on the phone or social media on a daily basis.

Hence, swiping right on this person wouldn’t be strange or unacceptable at all.

You were probably attracted to this person upon initially meeting them or being introduced to them.

For whatever reason, call it nerves or plain timing, you may not have expressed your interest to this person.

However, you have now come across this person’s profile on an online dating app.

Oftentimes, people are a lot more emboldened to make the first step in terms of showing interest in someone when they come across that person on an online dating app.

It is a lot less intimidating than trying to initiate conversation with someone that you are interested in real life.

You are not the only one who has come across someone that you know in real life on an online dating app and been curious about swiping right on their profile.

For all you know, this may be a person who is also interested in you.

Perhaps they felt the same way that you did when the both of you first met in real life.

However, for whatever reason, they may not have made a move on you.

Their circumstances may have been like yours.

It may have been nerves or bad timing.

However, the fact that you have found this person on an online dating app would indicate that the person is single and available.

This may be the perfect timing for you both.

Hence, this is your chance.

Swiping right on this person will put this to rest.

You made a move and now it is up to them to reciprocate.

You shouldn’t allow the fear of being rejected to stop you from swiping right.

It is best to find out whether this person is interested in you now than to constantly wonder if they are.

Swiping right on someone you know also puts you at an advantage.

Being that the both of you are already acquainted in some capacity, it will be a lot easier to break the ice.

This way, you can both discover whether there is any romantic chemistry fairly early.

This works in your favor.

You wouldn’t have to spend a lot of time and energy trying to get to know the person better because you would already have a good head start on all of that to an extent.

Have no fear in swiping right on this person that you know.

You never know what could come out of it.

This may be your only true opportunity with this person, as they are most likely not part of your day to day social circle.

You should seize the opportunity.