Serious Vs Funny Dating Profiles?

Serious Vs Funny Dating Profiles?

Although your reasoning behind being on a dating app is to find a serious relationship, you aren’t sure about what tone to use on your dating profile.

On the one hand, you want to let your prospective matches know how serious you are about finding a serious relationship, and in this vain, you are tempted to be serious in your tone.

But, on the other hand, you don’t want to come off as too serious.

You have been guilty of coming off as a strict teacher on your bio, wagging your finger at your students, who in this case, would be prospective partners who come across your dating profile.

This has left you increasingly wondering about what tone you should use on your dating profile.

Although you are seeking a serious relationship on a dating app, you don’t want to appear to be too uptight.

As a rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to have a mix of the two.

Have a dating profile that combines a serious tone with a funny tone.

A serious tone gives the impression that you are a mature adult who knows how to take responsibility and who knows what she wants.

A funny tone gives the impression that you are someone who is easy to talk to and who is capable of having a good time.

These are great characteristics to have.

People want to know that you can be serious when a moment calls for it, but that you have a facet of your personality that is chill and fun when it is time to enjoy a pastime or have a fun conversation.

Having a combination of the two sounds good, but how do you do it?

The serious part of your bio is where you are talking about what motivates you and what you are passionate about.

The funny part of your bio is when you are making fun of yourself and being a little silly.

This being said, it isn’t smart to convey a false personality.

Are you someone who is serious or funny?

Misrepresenting your personality in your bio is a giant blunder.

If you are a serious person but write a bio that is filled with jokes, you are misleading your matches.

This means that upon chatting with you or meeting you in person, your match is going to pick up on that.

This isn’t good.

Your match is going to lose interest upon discovering that your dating profile misrepresents your personality.

The same applies to being a funny person and writing a serious dating profile.

Misrepresenting your authentic personality is a turn off to matches.

Write a bio that is congruent with your personality.

As a human being, whatever personality you are, you are naturally dynamic.

This means that even if you are a serious person, you have moments of levity.

If you are a funny person, you have moments of intensity.

The key is to figure out what your percentages are.

If you are a serious person 70 percent of the time and a funny person 30 percent of the time, create a dating profile that reflects those percentages.

No one is serious all the time, and no one is funny all the time.

Figure out what your percentages are and write your dating profile accordingly.