Online Dating: I’m Just Not Sure About Meeting Him Anymore?

Online Dating: I'm Just Not Sure About Meeting Him Anymore?

You have noticed something about him that you didn’t before.

Indeed, your first few conversations with him may have been really good.

You may have felt as though you had a lot in common with him.

The conversations may have flowed with ease and purpose.

As a result, he may have asked you to meet him and you agreed to it without any hesitation.

However, you are now not sure about meeting him anymore.

Indeed, you may have now had some time to reflect on the conversations that you have had with him so far and something may have given you cause for worry.

Perhaps this detail went by you unnoticed because of your all of the excitement that you felt when corresponding with this guy.

However, now that you have set this meeting up with him and you have had time to reflect on your conversations with him, this issue has come to light in your mind.

This is not uncommon.

Many people initially get caught up in the excitement of getting to know someone on an online dating site, only to realize after having agreed to meeting the person that there is something that they are actually uncomfortable with.

If you have actually enjoyed almost everything about this guy up until this point, there may still be hope for the both of you.

If there is truly something about this guy that is bothering you, go ahead and ask him about it before the meeting.

Instead of allowing yourself to worry and come up with all kinds of negative conclusions in your mind, simply ask him.

The fact that he wants to meet with you would indicate that he is really interested in you.

Hence, there is a strong likelihood that he will be willing to answer your question.

You shouldn’t be shy to ask this question.

You are both adults.

If you have literally enjoyed everything else about this guy up until this point, save this one issue, it may truly be worth your while to ask him about it before the meeting.

Though you are not sure about meeting him anymore, there is a good chance that once you ask him about this particular issue, you will have a lot more clarity on whether you want to meet him or not.

If you just keep wondering if you should, you could end up finding some kind of excuse not to go to the meeting. However, this may not be the wisest move.

You may end up regretting making the decision to not go to meet him when all of this may have been cleared up with one simple phone call or text.

In essence, you would now return to the online dating site in search of someone else when you may have already met your best match in this particular guy.

Try not to have the “conveyor belt” mentality when it comes to online dating.

This is often the trap a lot of people fall into when they are online dating.

They notice a flaw in someone that they have been talking to and instantly discard that person.

They soon return to the online dating site and try to find a new match.

No one is perfect.

If you were to discard this guy without inquiring about this particular issue just so that you can return to the online dating site to find someone new, you will most likely come across the same problem in some form again.

Whoever you meet may seem perfect at first until yet again you discover that this new guy also has a bothersome flaw.

Alas, the cycle has continued.

This doesn’t help you.

Understand that everyone is flawed.

If this is an issue that can be resolved with a simple explanation, you should bring it to this guy’s attention and let this play out in a more pragmatic manner.