Online Dating: Is It Too Much To Ask For More Than One Text A Day?

Online Dating: Is It Too Much To Ask For More Than One Text A Day?

It can get frustrating when you actually want to have a back and forth conversation with someone on a dating site who only seems to want to send you one text a day.

All you want to do is get a better idea of how well you connect with someone.

Yet, you keep running into guys who just keep sending you one text a day despite the fact that you are trying to make conversation with them.

This is a phenomenon in online dating that isn’t uncommon and indeed can make you feel as though you just want to scream.

It is not too much to ask for more than one text a day and you shouldn’t feel awkward in asking it.

You are on the online dating site for a reason.

You did not join just to simply make a pen pal friend.

You joined to meet your other half.

There needs to be a fairly robust back and forth conversation with a person of interest that you meet online.

It is necessary in order to get a better understanding about chemistry and a connection.

Receiving only one text a day isn’t going to give you a better understanding about who this person is and whether the both of you truly connect romantically.

You shouldn’t waste your time with men who aren’t willing to engage in a robust conversation with you.

After all, they chose to join the dating site to find someone of romantic interest.

It would behoove them to apply the effort to find such a person.

When they are only sending a text a day to a potential match, they aren’t truly showing any real effort.

Oftentimes, this kind of correspondence occurs when the man is simply trying to keep you around.

That one text a day lets you know that you are still on their radar but they are clearly not putting in the effort to make you anything more than someone that is of lukewarm interest.

You shouldn’t allow yourself to be on any man’s back-burner list.

Some of these men often have other women on the dating site that they have placed on a much higher level of priority in whom they are actually engaged in much more robust conversations with.

Yes, they are sending these women of high priority a lot more than one text a day.

This is why you need to have no qualms when it comes to protecting your time.

Your time is precious.

When men are merely sending you a text a day just to keep you around just in case things don’t work out with someone that they have at a much higher level of priority than you on the dating site, they are devaluing you.

You shouldn’t let this stand.

Don’t be afraid to point out the fact that this person is not communicating in a way someone who has true interest would.

Be aware that upon calling him out, he may start making excuses such as being so busy or something to that end.

Don’t believe it.

If a man is truly interested in you, he will make the time to have a proper back and forth conversation with you.

He would be excited about you to the point where he would naturally want to learn more on a consistent basis.

Judge the man on what he does, not the excuses that he may give you when you call him out.

If he isn’t engaging in robust back and forth conversations with you that go a lot further than just one text a day, he isn’t worth your time.