Online Dating: Ever Feel Intimidated By A Potential Match?

Online Dating: Ever Feel Intimidated By A Potential Match?

At some point in time, if a person is engaged in online dating long enough, they will ultimately run into a potential match that intimidates them.

The cause of this intimidation could be anything.

The potential match may be way better looking than they are.

They may be more educated.

They may make more money.

They may seem to have a much more robust social life.

They be in a position of a lot more responsibility and status in society.

The list goes on.

We are all human beings.

Regardless of how good we may feel about our accomplishments and how great we look physically, there is always going to be someone out there who is more accomplished and better looking.

Again, if you use an online dating app or website long enough, you will inevitably come across someone that may make you feel intimidated or at least, a little unsure about whether you can match up to them.

This is natural.

However, you should never allow this emotion to overwhelm you or influence your decision-making when it comes to online dating.

Try to understand that this is a potential match that may also be worried about the possibility of losing a suitor due to their bevy of accomplishments or their dynamite looks.

In other words, they may also be worried about the likelihood that they could intimidate potential matches.

There is a good chance that they may have already experienced something like this.

Someone may have gathered up the courage to message them in the past.

An emailing correspondence may have began that seemed promising. However, along the way, this person may have let it be known that they feel inadequate as a match due to having less accomplishments or being less attractive.

This may cause a wrinkle in the correspondence to the point where the person starts communicating less.

Despite all of the attempts to let this intimidated person know that there is no reason to feel this way, the person ultimately fades away from the picture because they are just too uncomfortable about the fact that this potential match is so much more accomplished or better looking.

Although you may believe that this potential match must be having it so easy on the dating site in terms of attracting attention, they may indeed be having a miserable experience.

If everyone that musters the confidence to message them continues falling into the rabbit hole of thinking that they are less than and consequently disappear from the picture as a result, this is a person that may be wholly frustrated.

They may have even made some adjustments to their dating profile just so that they don’t keep coming off as too accomplished or too attractive.

This is your chance.

You may be the elixir to this person’s online dating woes.

A lighthearted and interesting message from you may actually make this person’s day.

There may be an opportunity here that goes against all the doubts that you are currently having about the prospects of messaging a match like this.

Instead of giving in to your doubts, go ahead and message this potential match.

You may come to realize that despite this person’s accomplishments or dazzling looks, the both of you have a lot more in common than you would think.