What Pics Do Men Not Care For When It Comes To Women’s Dating Profiles?

What Pics Do Men Not Care For When It Comes To Women's Dating Profiles?

Men have a strong disdain for pics that are filtered.

He wants authenticity when he is looking through the pics on her dating profile.

A filtered pic makes him surmise that the woman is being deceitful and hiding something about her looks.

This means that she is portraying an appearance that isn’t consistent with her true appearance and men don’t care for this.

It’s not that men are against pics that show a woman at her best.

It’s that they don’t care for it when the woman goes overboard with this.

Filtering her photos to make it appear as though she has no imperfections has an undercurrent of underhandedness to it.

When a woman is this willing to hide her true face through filtering, what else is she hiding?

Men are already coming into the online dating arena with a great deal of trepidation when it comes to filtering.

They have seen women filter their photos on social media and garner an army of male admirers for it.

Social media is a popularity fest.

He gets that.

For this reason, to an extent, he can overlook the fact that a woman is filtering her photos on social media.

Dating apps are a different story.

He has turned to dating apps to escape the superficiality of social media.

To see a woman filtering her photos on a dating app hits him totally differently from how it does when he sees it happen on social media.

Dating apps should be a filter-free zone, as this is where people are coming to meet a potential romantic partner.

This is a space where authenticity is paramount.

When he sees a woman with filtered pictures, it instantly sends the message that she has brought the superficiality of social media into the online dating space and he doesn’t care for this.

Besides filtered pics, men don’t care for pics that are taken in such a way that they are incapable of telling what her body shape looks like.

Lots of women post pics that deliberately avoid showing what they are built like.

Her dating profile is littered with face photos and no full body photos.

When she does have a photo that shows more of her, it is obfuscated, making it difficult for him to tell how she is built.

Men have seen such a significant number of dating profiles with pics like this that they develop a strong disdain for them.

A lot of this stems from their own past experience.

Her dating profile stated that she was of average size, so he thought nothing of starting a conversation with her, despite an absence of any full body photos.

He was naive and trusting.

This trust was shattered when he set up a date with her and got to see that she was several pounds overweight in real life.

As the old saying goes, “Once bitten, twice shy.”