When A Dating Profile Says, “Swipe Left If…?”

When A Dating Profile Says, "Swipe Left If...?"

It turns you off when you are reading a dating profile and you see the words, “Swipe left if…”

You already know that the woman is about to regurgitate a litany of what she isn’t looking for in a match.

Even when you meet her requirements, it turns you off that the dating profile has gone this route, taking this negative tone.

It makes the woman behind the dating profile come off as though she has had a rough time of it in her dating history.

She has dated a number of bad apples and is now using this section of her dating profile to regurgitate everything she didn’t like in those partners.

These words instigate an adverse effect.

Although she succeeds in repealing these men from attempting to match with her, she turns off the men who would fit into what she is looking for in a partner in tandem.

You are right.

Seeing, “Swipe left if…,” on her dating profile does make it seem like she has a bunch of baggage from not only previous relationships, but from previous encounters with men she has met on dating apps too.

It is a combination of her negative ordeals with men she has met in the real world and on dating apps.

She is fed up and wants to put out a list of what she doesn’t want.

This is the nature of dating apps.

Given its format, a dating app is like a brochure where people go to seek out their perfect mate.

This is what makes it that much likelier that you run into dating profiles where the person behind it includes a section of what she doesn’t want in a partner.

This isn’t how this woman would be if she were out in the real world seeking out a partner.

She doesn’t walk into a bar with a piece of paper stuck on her forehead with everything she isn’t looking for in a partner written on it.

She doesn’t have a conversation with a guy at a bar and spew out everything she doesn’t want in a partner as he buys her a drink.

This behavior is primarily relegated to dating apps.

It’s the nature of the medium.

This being said, it doesn’t change the reality that seeing a section like this on a dating app can be a turn off.

As a general rule, whether male or female, it is smarter to have a positive attitude on a dating app as opposed to a negative.

This fosters a greater number of better matches.

On your part, although you are quickly tempted to swipe left on this person, take hid of what she is saying she doesn’t want in a match.

There are lots of women who have similar deal breakers, even though they haven’t expressly written those in their dating profiles.

Use your common sense.

Ignore complaints that seem to be coming from more of a bitter place than a logical one.

For example, stating that men should swipe left if they can’t handle a strong woman is way too vague to take seriously.

Nonetheless, where it looks reasonable, take heed of what she is writing.

Stating that men should swipe left if they are liars is worth taking seriously.

This gives you an idea of what lots of women don’t want in a match.

With this strategy, even though you choose to swipe left on this woman’s dating profile, you have gotten some insights into what makes you a better match to women.