Online Dating: Met A Great Girl But I Just Don’t Know If The Attraction Is There?

Online Dating: Met A Great Girl But I Just Don't Know If The Attraction Is There?

It isn’t.

If you met this great girl through a dating site and consequently met her in person and yet you don’t know if the attraction is there, it isn’t.

Think back to the times that you have been attracted to someone, perhaps your previous girlfriends.

Was there ever a question about whether the attraction was there or not?

Take a moment and do some reflection.

There is a good chance that as you think back to girls that you have been attracted to in the past, there was never a question about whether the attraction was there.

It just was.

You connected with them in a way that made you feel at ease whenever you were around them.

The conversations were fun and easy to maintain.

The physical chemistry was almost as though the both of you were mere extensions of each other.

In other words, the touching, hugging, handholding, kissing, caressing, closeness, just felt natural and fluid.

All these things occurred and you never even had to ask yourself about whether there was attraction there.

It wasn’t even a question.

It was just there.

Though you feel that this is a great girl, there is clearly something missing.

It may be something physical that you are not allowing yourself to acknowledge.

Perhaps she is not as attractive as you hoped she would be.

A person’s picture on an online dating site isn’t always entirely reflective of the way the person actually appears in real life.

Perhaps you did find her dating profile pictures attractive but when you met her in person on a date, she didn’t look quite or near as good.

During and after the date, you may have tried to tell yourself that the problem couldn’t possibly be her looks.

You may not want to acknowledge that because it may make you feel guilty and superficial.

However, physical attraction is a major part of human romantic chemistry.

For most people, it has to be there in order for everything else to fall into place.

It may be time you asked yourself about whether you were truly attracted to the person that you saw on that date.

There is nothing wrong with coming to the realization that you actually weren’t.

Again, most human beings require physical attraction to someone in order to feel a romantic connection.

Thereby, acknowledging that you just weren’t attracted to her doesn’t make you a bad person.

Something else that you should consider is the possibility that there is a personality trait that you are looking for in a potential partner that she didn’t have.

Think back to girls in the past that you have been attracted to and dated.

There may be a personality trait that the majority of them shared that this particular girl that you met on a dating site just doesn’t have.

You may not have even realized just how important that personality trait was to you until now.

Indeed, the lack of that personality trait may be a deal breaker that you weren’t even aware that you have.

Oftentimes, a deal breaker could affect how attracted you are to someone, regardless of how physically attractive she is and how well the both of you get along.