Online Dating: Might Have Set Date Too Far In Advance. What’s A Good Way To Keep Up Communication But Not Overdo It?

Online Dating: Might Have Set Date Too Far In Advance. What's A Good Way To Keep Up Communication But Not Overdo It?

Communicate every other day to be on the safe side.

Regardless of whether you have set this date for a week from now or several weeks, you should always maintain a fairly consistent level of communication.

Many men make the mistake of thinking that they can set up a date with a girl and just forget about her until the day before the date or the day of the date.

It is no wonder that when these men reach out to confirm the date with the girl on the day before or the day of, they either don’t get a response from the girl or she tells them that she has made other plans.

You should never keep a girl in the dark between dates.

You run the risk of making her feel like you have no interest in getting to know her.

Once this notion has taken form in her mind, she is likely to lose interest.

As far as she is concerned, your silence is an indication that you are no longer interested.

She will have no trouble setting up other dates.

She is on an online dating site.

She has no shortage of men who are trying to get her attention.

They are hoping to meet her on a date too.

It will be easy for her to let some of those men in and give them a chance.

You have now lost out on a date that was yours for the taking.

Though you may be worried about setting the date too far in advance perhaps due to prior obligations, as long as you maintain a consistent level of communication with her, it doesn’t matter.

If anything, the more she gets to know you over the course of the next week or weeks before the date, the more excited she will be to meet you in person on the day of the date.

Start with messaging her every other day.

As time goes on, there will be a natural flow to how the both of you communicate based on the types of conversations that you are both having.

Just go with it.

She may let you lead the way and have you initiate all the conversations between now and the day of the date.

Don’t be discouraged by that.

There are a good number of women who refrain from initiating contact in the early stages of dating a guy so as not to appear too eager.

They want to be wooed by the man as well as use these early stages to determine just how serious or genuine he is.

There is a good chance that once she feels comfortable and secure in the notion that you are being genuine, she will start initiating a few conversations.

However, don’t fret if she doesn’t initiate a conversation at this time or between now and the day of the date.

Just focus on messaging her every other day and engaging in good conversations.

A good conversation is one where the both of you come out learning something new about the other.

They don’t have to be long-drawn-out conversations.

They can be fun, lighthearted and reasonably concise.

Keep the jokes coming.

Make sure that you are making her laugh.

This helps to open her up to you and makes her feel more and more comfortable.

Once you have both learned a good thing or two about each other and had some fun lighthearted banter, let the conversation end by letting her go and wishing her a great day.

Don’t beat a conversation to death simply because you are making her laugh.

Know when to end a conversation and avoid overstaying your welcome.

Leave it on a good note while the both of you are at a high as opposed to when the conversation has lulled to such a point that you are both using one word responses.

This is how you keep yourself from overdoing it.

Before you know it, the first date is imminent with merely hours left before your first meeting.

Funny how time flies.