Online Dating: My Matches Are Constantly Pushing To Meet Up?

Online Dating: My Matches Are Constantly Pushing To Meet Up?

You just met a match on an online dating site and have barely exchanged a couple of messages and they are already pushing to meet up.

You are perplexed at this kind of behavior.

After all, aren’t the both of you supposed to spend some time getting to know each other a little bit better first?

What’s the hurry?

Why do you keep finding yourself communicating with a guy that is constantly pushing to meet up when the both of you have barely scratched the surface on determining whether there is a connection.

Sometimes, this can get to a point where you may even start wondering whether there is something wrong with you.

The profiles of these matches were engaging enough and included a good number of common interests.

They seemed to be relatively well-rounded individuals with a good amount of intelligence.

You figured that your interaction with them would be fairly normal even if a romantic connection never came to be.

Yet, here you are.

Your match is pushing to meet up and you don’t even know enough about them to understand whether they would be a promising relationship prospect.

You are not alone in this experience and no, there is nothing wrong with you for wanting to take more than a week to get to know a stranger that you just met on an online dating site.

A reason why you keep getting matches that are constantly pushing to meet up could be because these are guys who aren’t looking to spend too much time and energy chatting with someone of interest online.

Yes, some of these men may simply be looking to quickly hook up.

However, others may actually want a serious relationship but they have had negative experiences when they have taken their time to get to know a woman in the past.

These are men who may have already interacted with a good number of woman on the online dating site in the past who initially had a lot of chemistry with them.

They may have gone ahead and taken a substantial amount of time getting to know the woman on the dating site, possibly even spent weeks talking to her.

However, a couple of things may have happened.

For one, the woman may have never ended up showing up on a date that was eventually arranged.

In essence, the guy was flaked on.

This can leave a very bitter taste in the mouth of a guy who just spent weeks building rapport with a woman.

He then promises himself that he will never make this mistake again and that he will escalate any interaction he has with a future dating prospect on the dating site.

The other thing that could have happened is that the woman ends up meeting him on the all-important date after a substantial amount of time spent getting to know her through chatting on the dating site and even on the phone.

However, she isn’t what he expected.

She either doesn’t meet what he expected to see in her physically or the real life chemistry wasn’t there.

It could even be a combination of the two.

Now, he feels dejected.

He just spent all that time and effort on someone that didn’t meet his expectations upon meeting them in real life.

As a result, he decides to escalate any future interaction he has with a dating prospect.

All of this being said, always remember that you are in full control of your online dating experience.

If you feel uncomfortable with meeting up with a guy at a point in time that you believe is too soon, you should let him know that.

If he isn’t willing to wait, there is no harm. Just let him go.

Online dating gives you access to a seemingly unlimited amount of dating prospects.

As long as you stick with it, you will find men who are willing to take the time to get to know you before wanting to meet up.