Online Dating: What Do Women Think When A Man Lists That He Is Seeking Marriage And What Kind Of Responses Should He Expect?

Online Dating: What Do Women Think When A Man Lists That He Is Seeking Marriage And What Kind Of Responses Should He Expect?

The responses you should expect to receive from women will depend on what their objectives are.

Women who are seeking marriage, not seeking marriage, or may be open to marriage will have some clear differences in how they respond to you.

A woman who is seeking marriage will pay closer attention to the dating profile of a man who lists that he is seeking marriage.

Her initial thought may be to wonder whether he is indeed serious.

After all, she probably hasn’t found a decent number of dating profiles where the man bluntly lists marriage as something that he is actively seeking.

Hence, although you may have her attention at the start, she may still proceed with some degree of uncertainty as she investigates what you have included to your dating profile.

She may want to see whether you have been married before.

This is especially true if she has never been married before.

Also, she will be thinking about whether you are looking to start a family.

This will most likely be something that she would want along with a marriage and she would want to make sure that you are also of the same mindset.

She will continue to investigate to get a better understanding of what you may do for a living and whether you are financially solvent.

Basically, this is a woman who would behave no differently from a woman that you meet in real life who is also seeking marriage.

That woman would want to get a better sense of whether you want children, have prior marriages, have financial stability, have similar morals that can be passed down to future children, come from a stable family, etc.

Being that she only has your dating profile as her reference, there are only so many questions that she will be able to find an answer to.

However, if she finds enough information that makes her feel like you are someone that may be compatible with her, she may attempt to send you an interest signal or even message you.

Her intent on reaching out will be to first and foremost, determine that you are serious about seeking marriage and upon determining that, as the both of you chat with each other over time, she would want to gather further information on requirements that are important to her that she didn’t find on your dating profile.

Hence, she will have a serious approach to her messages to you.

Now, a woman who isn’t seeking marriage will most likely respond to your dating profile by avoiding it.

This makes sense.

The both of you aren’t on the same life wavelength or trajectory.

However, women who are looking to possibly get married one day but aren’t entirely sure may give your dating profile a look.

These women aren’t necessarily thinking that they are reading your dating profile to see if you will be the perfect husband.

More so, they are hoping to see if the both of you have common interests.

They don’t want to get too caught up with the thought of marriage, even though they are open to it at some point.

They are more interested in whether they would be able to get along with you.

They will take a chance on messaging you if they believe that there are enough common interests and personality similarities between the both of you.

Their approach to messaging you will be a lot more lighthearted in nature than the woman who is seriously seeking marriage.

However, even upon messaging you, they are not looking to quickly establish a connection with you in the hopes that the both of you can get married in the foreseeable future.

They are more so concerned with how they get along with you and are totally open to discontinuing the correspondence if they believe that the connection isn’t there.

Though they are open to getting married one day, they are just not in a hurry and will act with the same level of lighthearted abandon in their correspondence with you.

If you come off as though there is a sense of urgency to get married fairly soon in your conversations with them, they can just as easily stop communicating with you.