Online Dating: Selfie Videos

Online Dating: Selfie Videos

You are seeing selfie videos with greater regularity on dating apps.

Like clockwork, you land on a woman’s dating profile and it is replete with them.

You don’t like it.

It is self-absorbed and narcissistic.

Nothing of substance is talked about.

Every selfie video is the same.

The woman is staring at the camera making faces, trying to be sexy, silly, mysterious.

It’s getting out of hand.

You are already turned off the moment you realize that her dating profile is nothing but selfie videos.

You often wonder what makes her think that making selfie videos with zero substance would attract a date.

Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but it does.

It doesn’t take a lot for men to be attracted to a woman.

As long as she is beautiful, many men will forgive other areas that are lacking.

On the surface, online dating is very superficial by nature.

People sign up on a dating app and are looking for the most attractive and successful person to pair up with.

Most of these people don’t match up to who they are looking for, yet they have no qualms in believing they deserve such a person.

A person far above their league.

When a man sees an attractive woman on a dating app, his primary concern isn’t with substance.

It’s with getting with her.

Not all men.

But a significant amount of men don’t care about the substance of her dating profile.

That’s why the fact that she only has selfie videos on her dating profile and not much else doesn’t bother him.

As far as he is concerned, she is attractive and the rest is simply a bonus.

Selfie videos have an even greater effect than photos.

Video is dynamic.

Even though all she is doing is voguing for the camera, it has a stronger impact than a static photo.

Video adds to her allure and just feels more real than a static photo.

Selfie videos have dramatically increased the number of matches women are receiving on dating apps and this has inspired them to propagate these videos.

With this as their primary concern, creating any substance with what they do with the rest of their dating profile is redundant.

They know that most men on dating apps don’t care about what they write on their dating profiles.

Men are visual by nature.

They like eye candy.

And through these selfie videos, they can give men that eye candy and make it intimate.

Watching a moving image of her on video is intimate.

It’s almost like he can reach out and touch her.

He is carried away, enraptured with the thought of meeting her.

Although you aren’t a fan of selfie videos, these women have seen the powerful effect it has on men.

As long as it keeps working, the number of dating profiles you see with selfie videos will keep rising.