Online Dating: She Asked For My Instagram After Saying She Was Too Busy To Meet On The Weekend?

Online Dating: She Asked For My Instagram After Saying She Was Too Busy To Meet On The Weekend?

Although you like this girl, her behavior equates to a lack of strong interest.

It makes sense that you were compelled to ask her out for the weekend, considering how good your chats with her have been.

To you, those quality chats on the dating app warranted an in-person meetup.

You were probably pretty excited about the prospect of meeting up with her.

Then she told you that she was too busy to meet up on the weekend and asked for your Instagram instead.

That is a bad sign.

A girl who is genuinely interested in you isn’t asking for your Instagram when you ask her to meet up.

Telling you that she is too busy is an excuse.

No one is too busy.

Even those who truly are, always make time for someone that they are romantically interested in.

True, she may be too busy on the weekend in question but she should have come back at you with a different ask.

Instead of asking for your Instagram, she should have asked whether next Friday or Saturday, or some other day would work for you, as that is when she would be free.

A girl who is genuinely interested in you is going to offer another specific day to meet up on a date.

A day that fits better with her schedule.

In asking for your Instagram, she was taking the easy way out.

She didn’t want to come right out and tell you that she had no interest in meeting you.

That would have been too forward.

Besides, in asking for your Instagram, she gets to keep you as a contact.

This puts you in her back burner.

There are no guarantees that she ever takes advantage of having you on the back burner, but she gets to have it both ways.

On the one hand, she has you thinking that there appears to be interest, and so, you remain hopeful.

On the other hand, she doesn’t have to declare that she is nowhere near as interested in you as you are in her.

Asking for your Instagram isn’t something you should use as a source of hope.

We live in the day and age of socials.

Exchanging socials has become more popular than exchanging phone numbers.

Given how widespread it is, asking for your Instagram doesn’t show that she has genuine romantic interest for you.

Determining whether she has romantic interest for you is deduced from what she does.

Does she accept a date offer and make herself available.

In your case, she didn’t.

Again, no one is that busy, and if they are, they make time for what or who they deem important.

You are not that important to her.

Important enough to get your Instagram.

That is no different from any number of guys she has asked this of in the past who never ended up hearing from her again.

I know that you had a lot of hopes on this girl.

Especially when the conversations online have been good.

Nonetheless, a woman telling you that she is too busy to meet on a weekend, without giving you alternate days that she would be available, is a woman with next to no romantic interest in you.