Should I Swipe Left On All Non-Long-Term Relationship Dating Profiles?

Should I Swipe Left On All Non-Long-Term Relationship Dating Profiles?

Getting stuck in situationships over and over again with men you meet on dating apps has taught you a lesson.

You no longer want to entertain any guy who isn’t upfront with what he is looking for.

The moment you see a dating profile that doesn’t state that a long-term relationship is what is desired, you swipe left.

Before you give any more of your time and emotions to someone, you have to know what their intentions are.

There is nothing wrong with having this stance.

You are on a dating site to find a long-term partner.

It isn’t your responsibility to entertain the men who aren’t clear about what type of relationship they are looking for.

Normally, when you see that a man hasn’t been upfront with that in his dating profile, he is demonstrating that he isn’t looking to settle down.

Unlike old times when you would ignore that, being that you were taken by how attractive the guy was, you are no longer doing that.

Time is of the essence and there is no advantage in thinking that a guy like this is going to be decisive about whether he wants a long-term relationship simply by talking to you.

That being said, be aware that there are a good number of guys who state that they are looking for long-term relationships in their dating profiles when they really aren’t.

The last thing you want is to swipe right on guys like this, thinking that they are looking for long-term relationships, invest a bunch of time on them, and discover that they lied about their intentions on their dating profile.

So, you shouldn’t simply take their word for it when it is stated in their dating profiles that they are seeking a long-term relationship.

A guy is being genuine in stating that he is looking for a long-term relationship on his dating profile when he backs that up with a detailed bio.

It’s wordy and fully descriptive, providing insightful detail on who he is as a person.

A guy that is deceiving you in stating that he is looking for a long-term partner does the complete opposite with his bio.

It’s a few short phrases that have no depth in giving you a better understanding of his character, outlook and morals.

A guy with a detailed bio is the one who is being honest about wanting a long-term relationship.

A guy seeking a long-term relationship would have every inclination to write a long bio because he wants whoever matches with him to have great insight on him.

After all, this is someone that could become his life partner and having her privy to a sizeable amount of information on him, gives her the opportunity to make an informed decision on whether she is interested in him.

A detailed bio is key.

A dating profile that states that a long-term relationship is desired but has very little detail in the bio isn’t speaking the truth.

Guys constantly lie on their dating profiles by falsely stating that they are looking for long-term relationships.

They do it in the hopes of receiving an appreciable number of matches from women.

Know what these dating profiles look like.

This saves you weeks or months of talking to a guy who lied about his intentions on his dating profile.