Online Dating: Should I Leave My Online Boyfriend Of 3 Years?

Online Dating: Should I Leave My Online Boyfriend Of 3 Years?

You should leave him if you believe that you are no longer emotionally invested in the relationship.

If you have dedicated 3 years to this relationship with your online boyfriend, there was obviously a reason why you stuck it out for this long.

When you met him on the online dating site, he may have embodied everything that you wanted in a boyfriend.

However, things may have now changed after 3 years of being in this relationship with him.

If you haven’t actually met this online boyfriend in person, the last 3 years would have been even more difficult for you.

Clearly, there is a reason why you are wondering whether you should leave your online boyfriend.

You have reached a point in this relationship where you may be feeling that the relationship is more of a burden than anything else.

In the beginning of the 3 year relationship, you may have always been happy whenever you thought about your online boyfriend.

You may have envisioned what it would be like to meet him in person.

You may have thought about how wonderful it would feel to hold him in your arms.

You may have thought about how amazing of a future the both of you would have and share.

Now that you have been in this relationship for 3 years, you may no longer have these kind of thoughts.

Instead of thinking about how wonderful your boyfriend of 3 years makes you feel, you may just get irritated at the thought of him or even worse, have no feelings at all.

If you are having this kind of reaction, you may no longer love him or even have much of an emotional attachment to him.

You should ask yourself about why you are thinking about whether you should leave your online boyfriend of 3 years.

There was a reason why you were using the online dating site in the first place. You had an expectation.

Your online boyfriend may not have met that expectation after 3 years of being with him.

If you still feel an emotional attachment to him or feel the need to give this relationship one last shot, it would be a good idea to let him know about what that expectation was.

He may be unaware that this is something that you have been waiting for.

If he were to be made aware of this, he may be able to make the necessary changes in order to make things better in your relationship.

If you feel that you want to try something like this out before completely giving up on the relationship, you can.

In the end, the most important factor is how you feel inside.

If you are unhappy in this 3 year relationship, it is unlikely that anything will change in the relationship if you don’t take steps to effect a change.

If you were to just remain in the status quo without attempting to make changes, your 3 year relationship with your online boyfriend will just get worse.

On the flip side, if you have already told your online boyfriend about what ails you in the relationship and he hasn’t made much effort to make the necessary changes, you may be better off leaving your boyfriend of 3 years.

If you let him know a while back and he has still not done much to improve the situation, it is unlikely that he ever will.

Hence, you may be better off leaving your online boyfriend of 3 years and focusing your efforts on making yourself happy again.