Should I Give Up On Online Dating Entirely?

Should I Give Up On Online Dating Entirely?

Giving up on online dating entirely would require some true reflection on your part.

Being that you are actually trying online dating, this would indicate that you are interested in meeting someone to date.

That interest has most likely not gone away even though you are wondering whether you should give up on online dating entirely.

Perhaps you put too much hope and emphasis on online dating to start with.

You may have started online dating with the belief that you would find the love of your life or a date fairly quickly.

Now that you have tried online dating for a while, you may be really disappointed with how things have turned out.

You may have had some exchanges with a person that you liked on the online dating app, only to have that person ignore your messages not too long after.

You may have sent a number of messages to people that you are interested in on the online dating app only to have them ignore your messages.

You may have put in a lot of time and effort into your online dating profile only to have either no visits to it or very few.

You may have even met someone from the online dating site and gone on a date with them only to discover that this person misrepresented who they were and what they look like.

Hence, you were duped.

You may have had all kinds of negative experiences that has led you to wonder whether you should give up on online dating entirely.

You may feel that you have done everything right and yet you continue to miss out on finding that special someone or even getting a date.

You really should ask yourself if you truly entered this online dating space with the right mindset.

Again, you may have come into it with a lot of expectations that you are now disappointed were never met.

However, try to think about how your dating life in the real world has been prior to online dating.

There was clearly something missing.

There was a reason why you turned to online dating in the first place.

Ask yourself if the reason why you were unsuccessful in meeting dates or finding the match you wanted in the real world had anything to do with you.

Did you notice a pattern in your behavior?

Did any of your dates or relationships in the real world ever tell you about certain things about your persona or life that bothered them and turned them off?

If you were constantly hearing about these issues from dates that you met in the real world, you would still have those same issues when you start online dating.

People can sense when something is amiss, even if they are merely communicating with someone through cyberspace.

If you know that there is a problem with you that you have repeatedly been told about by dates that you met in the real world, you should stop online dating temporarily, work on yourself, then come back and give online dating another try.

However, if you believe that you have always been the perfect date in the real world and you have truly given online dating a lot of time and effort, then giving up on online dating may be your answer.

Online dating isn’t for everyone.

Some people just do better meeting potential dates in the real world.