Online Dating: Should I Unmatch With Girls Who Reply Once A Day?

Online Dating: Should I Unmatch With Girls Who Reply Once A Day?

Girls receive a lot more messages on online dating sites than men do.

You are fortunate that she is even replying to your messages once a day at such an early stage, given how many other messages she has to contend with.

No, you shouldn’t unmatch with girls who only reply to your messages once a day.

When it is so early in your correspondence with them, they will not always be too quick or prompt to reply to your messages.

Over time, if she likes what you have to say in your conversations with her, she will get a lot more excited to reply to your messages.

This means that she will start replying to your messages sooner. But, you have to earn it.

She isn’t suddenly going to prioritize replying to your messages so early without any proof that you are worth that kind of priority.

So far, she is interested enough in you to reply once a day.

That is actually a good sign in the early stages of talking to a girl on an online dating site.

It will take a little longer for her to figure out if she is really vibing with you.

If she is, she will start replying to your messages quicker.

You just have to be patient and keep at it.

Given that she is only replying to your messages once a day, make your messages count.

Send detailed messages that ask her very good open-ended questions about herself.

If she responds by answering all of your questions in the detail required, she is showing interest in you.

Long messages like these, even though you receive them once a day, are an indication that she took precious time out of her day to write them out.

Besides managing all the many other messages that she is receiving on a dating site, her life is busy with school, work, family, friends and other responsibilities.

When she actually takes out the time to answer your thoughtful messages, she is showing that she is prioritizing you enough to take several minutes out of her day to answer your questions.

Take this as a good sign, even if she persists in replying to you once day.

How quickly girls reply to your messages on a dating site aren’t true indicators of how authentic their interest is in you.

Some girls can just chat all day.

They are chatty by nature and are no different when they start socializing with guys they meet on a dating site.

It doesn’t mean that your correspondence with these girls is going to go anywhere.

The actual quality of the messages that you receive from a girl is the true indicator of her genuine interest in you.

Take encouragement from this.

Keep your messages to this girl substantive and ask open-ended questions that warrant long well-thought-out replies.

If this kind of daily correspondence persists for more than a week, there is a good chance that she will start prioritizing your messages and begin responding quicker by week two.

If she doesn’t, don’t be discouraged.

Again, you never know just how busy a person is in real life.

Use the two week mark as your benchmark to either ask for her number or ask her out on a date, whether she has started replying to your messages quicker by that time or not.

At this stage, there should be enough rapport built between the both of you to warrant moving your conversations to another medium or just going ahead and meeting face to face.

This benchmark works in your favor.

It keeps you from chatting with a girl on an online dating site for too long.

It saves you from spending too much time on a girl who isn’t looking to take her correspondence with you any further.