Online Dating: Women Seem More Interested In My Cat Photo Than In Me?

Online Dating: Women Seem More Interested In My Cat Photo Than In Me?

The rest of your photos aren’t giving these women much else to get excited about.

When you get a message in your inbox complimenting your cat and nothing else, none of the photos that you have on your dating profile of yourself caught the attention of these women.

This is your cue to take a close look at the other photos that you have on your dating profile.

Are you just standing around and looking at the camera?

Are you standing with a bunch of your friends and looking at the camera?

Are you finding ways to look cool in front of the camera like some kind of model?

Even worse, are you using a bunch of selfies?

Your photos have to be interesting enough to make these women message you about anything other than your cat.

Just standing and posing in your photos or taking selfies isn’t going to pique a woman’s interest unless you look like Brad Pitt.

Post photos of yourself involved in fun activities that you love.

This is how you can get many of these women to start feeling a connection with you, as opposed to solely feeling a connection with your cat.

They need to get an idea of what your personality and life is like.

Showing yourself in fun and interesting environments is what piques their curiosity.

Instead of receiving messages like, “Awww cute cat,” you start receiving messages like, “That looks like so much fun. It’s on my to-do list for sure. I’m jealous.”

Now, you have her attention and you have a topic to use to start a conversation with her.

An activity that you were participating in caught her attention.

That is the key here.

Post as many photos as you can showing yourself involved in activities that you love.

Don’t worry about the activity.

Yes, even if you have a passion for golfing and you think that it would be too boring of an activity to use as one of your set of dating profile photos, don’t let that discourage you.

Remember that you are online dating to find someone that you connect with.

Oftentimes, that involves finding someone who enjoys the same activities that you do.

Don’t be shy to show yourself involved in activities that don’t look as sexy or macho as you would want them to be.

There are women who will connect with those activities.

That is the beauty of online dating sites.

The sheer volume of potential matches makes it possible for you to connect with people who also love what you love.

Start posting a lot of photos like this on your dating profile and women are going to notice a lot more than your cute cat.

Also be mindful of how soon your cat photo shows up in your line up of pictures.

That cat photo shouldn’t be within the first few sets of photos that women see on your dating profile.

You need to first showcase your lifestyle with the activity photos before presenting the cat photo towards the end.

This way, women know that your life is rich and isn’t filled with lonely weekends with your cat as your only company.

Yes, your cat photo showing up too early amid a few boring photos of yourself standing and looking at the camera, only encourages the women who choose to message you to solely compliment your cat and nothing else.