Online Dating Tips For Short Guys

Online Dating Tips For Short Guys

Be honest about your height on your online dating profile.

One of the biggest mistakes that short guys make on online dating sites is when they are dishonest about their height.

They may add a few extra inches to it just to make themselves feel better about being a short guy and in the hopes that they can attract more female attention.

It is crucial that you don’t do this as a short guy.

Regardless of how much more attractive you believe that you would make yourself by lying about your height, avoid doing this.

If you do, you could find yourself in a very unenviable position if you were actually to strike up a conversation with someone who starts liking you a lot more as the both of you get to know each other.

Oftentimes, short guys make the mistake of thinking that, if they were to get along really well with someone, this person will forgive the fact that they lied about their height upon meeting each other in real life.

The short guy makes himself believe that by this point of meeting, this person wouldn’t care about the fact that he lied about his height on the online dating site.

This isn’t wise.

Regardless of how good your interaction with this person has been on an online dating site, they will most likely not be very happy if they were to meet you in real life and you were to be several inches shorter than what you stated in your online dating profile.

People are visual creatures.

They want to be attracted to whoever it is that they are dating.

If this person inputted a particular height requirement in who they want to meet on their online dating profile and they discover that you are shorter than that height requirement, they will feel betrayed.

They will feel as though you misled them this whole time.

Whatever trust that they had built with you over the course of their interaction with you on the online dating site has now evaporated.

It would be very difficult for them to proceed on this date with an open mind.

They would most likely be upset with you, even if they don’t verbally express it during the course of the date.

All of your hard work in building a rapport with this person while communicating online would have been all for nothing.

Just wasted.

Is this what you want?

Of course not.

This is why it is best to be honest about your height on an online dating site.

Do understand that there are several other factors that makes a girl like a guy.

Height is only one of them.

Try to focus on the qualities that make you unique and interesting.

Shine a light on your strengths as opposed to what you may consider your weaknesses.

Most girls aren’t one-dimensional in thinking.

If all you do is lie about your height because you think that this will get you matches, you will only end up wasting your time.

It is alright if a girl doesn’t want to date a guy your height.

There are lots of other girls that will have other more important factors that they look for in a guy that they would like to date.

You are on an online dating site.

This gives you exposure to a lot more girls than you would meet in real life.

This means that you have more opportunity to find a girl who likes you for you.

There is no need to lie about your height.