Online Dating: We Finally Met And They Looked Nothing Like I Thought?

Online Dating: We Finally Met And They Looked Nothing Like I Thought?


The age old complaint.

The person shows up at the date after weeks of communication on an online dating site, only to have them look nothing like you thought.

What an absolute bummer.

What a crushing conclusion to all that conversation and buildup.

You know, at this point, you have every right and reason to get mad.

You were really looking forward to meeting this guy.

Your pain is something that has been felt by many who have chosen to use the limitless world of cyberspace to find a romantic partner.


What a bummer.

You may feel discouraged about going on with this online dating thing.

After all, when you have met people in real life that you have later dated, whether it be at a nightclub, bar, gym, party, business function, you never had to worry about what they looked like.

You could see them right there in front of you as they were talking you up.

When you gave them your number and a date was later set, you never worried about meeting them at a coffee shop and experiencing the bile-inducing shock that comes with witnessing a person that either looks a lot heavier than you remember or a lot older.

Nope, they look just like they did when you met them for the first time last week at the nightclub or gym.

Meeting someone that looks nothing like you thought is a very new phenomenon.

Besides the blind date that was a thing before online dating came about, you never really had to worry about what the person that you were about to meet on a date looked like.

The age of online dating, which is quickly becoming the most dominant way in which people are finding dates, is a different beast, in and of itself.

It exposes you to the risk that the person that you have spent weeks getting to know on a dating site and finally get to meet will look like nothing you thought.

This is as much a component of online dating as Vitamin D is to sunlight.

You could even bring it closer to earth by thinking about your experience with really spicy food.

You may love it.

You may eat it.

But you also know that your taste buds are going to pay the price when it is all said and done.

This person that you met chose to misrepresent how they look by either posting pictures that were taken many moons and several less pounds ago or manipulated the pictures in such a way that misled you into thinking that they looked a lot more fit or younger than they appeared on that ill-fated first date.

You can get mad.

You can scream your lungs out.

Go ahead and do what you need to do to get it out of your system.

Then, get back to the task at hand.

Now that you have been baptized with the all-so-common online dating Achilles’ heel, you are ever more equipped to approach your future dates with a lot less pomp and circumstance and a lot more of a tempered, yet optimistic attitude.

Meeting someone that looks nothing like their pictures is a baptism by fire that a lot of people must go through before meeting their perfect match.

However, this baptism by fire can often be mitigated by conducting a few video chats with a person of interest before meeting them in real life.

It may not be full proof but this way will often give you a better idea of what a person looks like in present day.

Trying this approach may save your taste buds from the harsh after effects of that scrumptious incredibly spicy meal known as online dating.