Online Dating: Why Are Women So Obsessed With Height?

Online Dating: Why Are Women So Obsessed With Height?

As you see an endless number of dating profiles with women having lofty height requirements and you try to make sense of it, know that so much of this obsession with height is rooted in DNA.

There is a biological imperative for women to gravitate towards tall men because of his perceived ability to protect her.

A tall man gives off an air of supremacy.

That supremacy wards off or discourages anyone who is intent on harming her.

Standing next to him, not only does she feel protected, she feels more feminine.

She doesn’t want to tower over a short man.

That makes her look like she is the protector, a role she isn’t keen on playing.

Yes, she is aware that although she towers over him, the short man possesses greater physical strength than she does.

It’s not the same as having him be tall and strong at the same time.

She wants both.

A tall man fits this bill.

Again, there is a biological imperative in women to gravitate towards tall men.

It has been this way since the dawn of humans and it will continue into the foreseeable future.

As a short man, it’s frustrating to see all these dating profiles where women state their height requirements, always leaving you out of their desired height range.

It has gotten so bad, you have been tempted to lie about your height in your dating profile, convinced that adding a few extra inches to your height is your only chance at getting these women to match with you.

A world of short men know your pain.

You aren’t on an island.

That being said, don’t make the mistake that many of these short men make on dating apps in letting this get to them.

It upsets them to such an extent that they are vitriolic in what they write on their bios, using harsh words to lash out at women.

You mustn’t do this.

Lashing out with negativity directed at women in your dating profile makes you come off as a bitter and unpleasant person to be around and women will avoid you like the plague for this.

I know you are frustrated about the height issue, but lashing out in anger isn’t going to improve the situation.

Listen, women have preferred tall men before dating apps showed up.

This isn’t a new phenomenon.

It is pronounced because dating apps are so widespread, superficial and public.

Dating apps haven’t suddenly changed women into these height-obsessed people.

They have always preferred tall men.

Instead of obsessing over why women are like this and driving yourself crazy, focus on your other quality attributes.

It may seem like women are obsessed with height, but women aren’t monolithic in what they look for in men.

No doubt, there are women who won’t date short men under any circumstances.

A short man is a deal-breaker for them.

That aside, there are an abundance of women who may prefer dating tall men but would still date a short man who possesses other attractive attributes.

This is the angle you need to use on dating apps.

Showcase other attributes of your personality and lifestyle that are attractive to women.

Are you intelligent?

Women love intelligent men.

Showcase that on your dating profile.

Post pictures of yourself engaging in smart activities, with you at a chess tournament or as part of a book club for instance.

Are you a leader?

Post pictures of yourself in front of a group of people, leading, instructing, or giving a speech.

Are you adventurous?

Post pictures of yourself on adventures, with you traveling, mountaineering, etc.

You see, there are other attributes you possess that can attract women.

Instead of agitating yourself over why women are so obsessed with height, direct your attention to showcasing other attractive attributes you possess, so as to attract the women who aren’t monolithic in who they are attracted to.