Online Dating: Tinder Banned My Account?

Online Dating: Tinder Banned My Account?

To your shock and amazement, you woke up one day like you do each and every day, logged into your Tinder account, and was met with a message telling you that your account was banned.

There was no reason given for this ban and you have struggled to come up with a reason why.

As far as you know, you never did anything to warrant this ban.

You are shocked over how this ban has negatively affected you.

It is as though someone broke into your home, changed the locks, and locked you out of your own home.

Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but it isn’t too far off.

Tinder was your home away from home, and a part of your daily routine.

You woke up every morning and took a look at your Tinder account, excited for your new matches and messages.

Tinder was a big part of how you began your day.

Looking through your new matches and messages would leave you with a shot of adrenaline, as you prepared to go about your day.

Now that your account has been banned, you are lost, depressed, and sad.

Take solace in knowing that you are not the only guy who has woken up in the morning to find his Tinder account banned.

This has happened to lots of guys, and yes, has ruined their days too.

Tinder accounts get banned for a number of reasons.

One of the most notorious reasons is when a member shares offensive or explicit content in pictures or messages.

This instantly violates Tinder’s guidelines.

Posting explicit photos on a dating profile or sending sexually explicit messages to potential matches leads to a ban with no questions asked.

Some guys get carried away with this.

He gets lucky with one woman who responds to his explicit message, and instantly believes he can use the same messages on different women who are potential matches.

Although a few women who are strictly on Tinder to hook up don’t mind a sexually explicit message, the majority of women on Tinder don’t like it.

Send clean messages, no matter how much she seems to be into you.

Tinder accounts get banned when there is harassment, intimidation, defamation, racism or hate speech in messages.

These are a mouthful, but they are a big no-no.

Some guys get a bit too overzealous when they are messaging a woman.

They try too hard to get her to meet up in person, and this tends to lead to harassment and intimidation.

The guy thinks there is no harm in aggressively pursuing.

Meanwhile, the woman believes he is harassing her, after she clearly let him know that she wasn’t ready to meet up with him in person.

Unfortunately, there are guys who take it personally when the woman shuts him down, and misguidedly turn to defaming the woman to give her a bad name.

Again, this violates Tinder’s guidelines and is a big no-no.

Racism or hate speech is clear enough.

Sometimes, a guy thinks he is being hip in how he addresses a potential match.

In his mind, he is connecting with her in using phrases that are known to be traditionally used by people of her race.

He doesn’t believe that he is being racist, but that isn’t an excuse.

His potential match reports him to Tinder and his account goes bye-bye.

Don’t try to be cool or hip with people of a different race.

Address these potential matches normally and with respect, so as to avoid the long axe of death that Tinder wields.

There are a few other reasons accounts get banned that should be obvious.

Violating Tinder’s age restrictions results in a ban.

You must be 18 years old or older to join Tinder.

Spamming or soliciting money from potential matches is an offense that leads to getting banned too.

Soliciting money from potential matches is self-explanatory, but spamming is an area where people get a little confused.

Unsolicited promotional messages are regarded as spam.

Yes, that means that if you are sticking your social media handles all over your Tinder account, you just might wake up one morning and see your account banned.

Sharing your Tinder account is another violation of Tinder’s guidelines.

This means that handing your account over to your cousin to use while you are taking a break from online dating from time to time is a very bad idea.

It never feels good to wake up to a banned Tinder account.

If you truly believe you didn’t commit any of the violations aforementioned, you can try to get your account unbanned by going to Tinder’s “Request Submission” page.

Select “Trouble with account login.”

Choose the option that states, “Can’t login, my account was banned.”

Follow this up with entering your account details and filling out the description box with your appeal.

Attach any media you believe supports your appeal and click SUBMIT.

Be warned, if you try to create a new account after a ban without explicit permission from Tinder, you are violating yet another Tinder guideline.

Tinder has advanced technological mechanisms that detect this behavior.

Once you are found out, you are banned for a second time and won’t ever be reconsidered.