Online Dating: What Is It With Guys That Want To Meet After Just Saying Hello?

Online Dating: What Is It With Guys That Want To Meet After Just Saying Hello?

Guys aren’t getting anywhere near as much attention on dating apps as women get from men.

With the frustrations that come from this, he is inclined to want to meet much quicker than you would deem normal.

After just saying hello, he is already talking about meeting.

He knows that he has a slim window to get a woman to meet with him.

Given that women receive so many matches on dating apps in comparison to men, he knows that it won’t take long before you are distracted.

He wasn’t always like this.

When he was new to online dating, he exercised a greater degree of patience.

He tried having normal conversations.

Something kept on happening that led him to no longer practice this patience.

Conversations he had with his matches always fizzled out.

He did everything he could to keep them going, but inevitably, she would respond less, until she completely disappeared.

He got tired of this and switched tactics.

He decided that he would ask to meet much sooner.

On the onset of this new tactic, he was subtle, letting his first conversation progress naturally.

The restraint didn’t pay off.

Although it had only lasted a few minutes, he was already seeing longer gaps in her response.

Being a woman, she was already distracted with numerous matches coming at her at lightning speed.

So much for exercising a modicum of patience.

He threw the gloves off, deciding that once matched he would ask to meet soon after saying hello.

Yes, it sounds crazy, but for lots of men on dating apps, this makes sense.

He knows that the longer he talks to you, the higher the probability you get distracted and ghost him.

He doesn’t believe he has anything to lose in asking you to meet so soon.

He would much rather ask you to meet this quickly, and risk being cut off, than having to go through a few days or weeks of text messaging with you, to have you ghost him in the end.

At least, with being this quick in asking you to meet, you are one less woman he has to worry about, should you choose to cut him off.

Guys on dating sites are preyed upon by scammers.

Scammers know that guys have it harder on dating sites and use that to their advantage by posing as attractive women.

He receives a match or message from an attractive woman, and he is stunned.

This isn’t the norm.

After all, receiving a match from an average woman on a dating app is hard enough, let alone an attractive one.

He is excited to be talking to her.

After several days or weeks of conversation, he asks her to meet.

She gives him an excuse as to why she can’t meet, but follows that up with asking for money.

He later learns that she was a fake dating profile.

This happens to a lot of men on dating sites, frustrating them to no end.

It leads to a decision to cut to the chase.

Instead of spending weeks or months talking to a supposedly attractive woman on a dating app, he will ask to meet right after saying hello.

This is how he filters out the fake dating profiles from the real ones.

Your dating profile isn’t fake, but he doesn’t know that.

In asking you to meet right after saying hello, he wants you to prove that you are real by agreeing to his offer.