Online Dating: What’s With Girls Taking Pictures In Their Cars?

As much as you first thought that this was a coincidence, it no longer is.

Online Dating: What's With Girls Taking Pictures In Their Cars?There are a significant number of dating profiles with pictures like this.

Girls sitting in the driver or passenger seat of a car taking pictures that are posted to their dating profiles.

If you hadn’t seen it so many times, you would have ignored it.

That wasn’t possible.

Pictures of this ilk are everywhere on dating apps.

It’s not like girls have the same love affair with their cars as guys do, so it doesn’t make any sense to you that they keep taking pictures in their cars and posting these pictures to their dating profiles.

One simple explanation is this.

Taking a picture in a car is convenient.

The girl doesn’t have to put herself in an exotic location or dress herself up to the standards of a fashionista.

She is in her car.

A casual atmosphere.

Taking pictures in her car is quick and easy.

She can do it on the fly, log into her account and post it.

No sweat whatsoever.

The human brain is hardwired to follow the path of least resistance to avoid exertion.

Taking a picture in her car offers little resistance.

Girls who take pictures in their cars have a tendency to do so with the intent of following what is hot or trendy.

Once she sees a multitude of these photos being used on dating apps, she wants to be part of the fad and she joins in.

It’s the same attitude she has with social media.

What happens when something is catching on in the world of social media?

How many times have you encountered a trend on social media that gets emulated by a bunch of social media accounts?

Women dominate social media.

With this in mind, it isn’t a surprise that these trends are adopted by so many social media accounts when they are hot.

Women have the same attitude on dating apps.

When something seems to be catching on, they adopt the same tactics.

Many of the dating profiles you have seen with girls taking pictures in their cars are copycats of other dating profiles that originated the trend.

Girls become copycats so as not to miss out on the latest fad, in the hopes of remaining relevant and increasing their popularity.

This is what causes the proliferation of copycat dating profiles, although it normally takes a meager amount of dating profiles to start the trend.

This aside, girls take pictures in their cars to take advantage of something near and dear to them.

Lots of women do their makeup in their cars.

How often have you come to a traffic stop, looked at the car to your side and seen a woman in the driver or passenger seat doing her makeup as she waits for the light to green?

Women frequently do or retouch their makeup in their cars.

The driver or passenger side overhead mirror substitutes as a makeup mirror.

Once she has done a good job of putting on makeup and likes what she sees in the overhead mirror, she is compelled to take a picture of her face.

Best to do this while her face is looking this good before the makeup wears off.

Capturing her face at its best attracts male eyeballs, given the superficial nature of dating apps.