Online Dating: Why Do Guys Jump To Asking You Out During The First Day Of Talking?

Guys on dating apps are aware that women receive a slew of matches, which has her at a massive advantage.

Online Dating: Why Do Guys Jump To Asking You Out During The First Day Of Talking?When he matches with you and jumps to asking you out during the first day of talking, he is doing it for specific reasons.

For one, he is hoping to avoid getting stuck in a situation where he has been communicating with you for weeks, only to have the conversation fizzle out or end abruptly.

Guys run into this issue on dating apps ad nauseum.

He talks to a woman for weeks, thinking he is building a rapport and a connection with her, only to have the conversation fizzle out or end abruptly.

There are lots of distractions on dating apps.

Being that women on dating apps get significantly more matches than men, she is exceptionally susceptible to conducting multiple conversations at the same time.

Once she establishes a strong connection with a guy, she prioritizes him, which means that supplementary conversations she is simultaneously having with various guys suffer.

These conversations fizzle out or she ends them abruptly.

This is heartbreaking for a number of these guys who have spent weeks talking to the girl, thinking that he was building a rapport and connection with her.

After a number of occasions of this happening, he changes strategy with his matches.

He decides to jump to asking a girl out during the first day of talking.

Although he knows this looks like he is in premature haste to meet her in person, he is prepared to risk it.

There have been too many occasions where, in good faith, he has exchanged text messages with a match for weeks and ended up with a fizzling out or an end to the conversation.

On your end, it is off-putting to get a match on a dating app, and all of a sudden, said match is jumping into asking you out during the first day of talking.

It hits you like a ton of bricks.

You aren’t used to this.

This is like nothing you have experienced in your dating history.

When guys have courted you in the past, they have spent weeks or months talking to you before asking you out on a date.

To be asked out on a date this soon by a match on a dating app leaves you unsettled.

He is a good match, a guy you want to take the time to get to know him, but you aren’t ready to meet him on a date this soon.

It’s disappointing when you have to turn him down, risking the possibility that he no longer wants to talk to you or chooses to unmatch with you.

Nevertheless, you don’t like being pressured this soon.

I know where you are coming from, and I get it.

Nonetheless, when you sign up on a dating app, the rules of courtship have nuances in comparison to what you have become accustomed to in the real world.

People, both men and women, generally expect to meet in person within one to two weeks of matching.

Obviously, this is a period where there is constant communication between the pair.

Since most guys who jump to asking a girl out during the first day of talking are motivated by the fear of talking to her for weeks and ending up with a conversation that fizzles out or ending abruptly, take this into consideration before judging him.

Tell him that you would love to take him up on his offer but would rather chat for a week or two to get to know him beforehand.

Should this be a guy who is strictly looking to hook up, you get to filter him out during the course of those one or two weeks.

These guys are impatient, and move on when they don’t get that first date immediately.

Should this be a guy who is legitimately fearful of a conversation fizzling out or ending abruptly if he were to risk chatting with you indefinitely, you have given him a time frame.

A time frame is beneficial.

Guys are analytical by nature.

In giving it a one to two week time frame, you have permitted him to mentally assess the risk of getting into a sustained conversation with you.

Though a few guys won’t want to take the risk, regardless of a time frame, some will.

This buys you time to get a better idea of who you are dealing with.